eVineyard Harvest Application

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A multi-user, synchronous application for tracking the performance of grape hand-pickers.

About the Project

A multi-user, synchronous application, built for one of Slovenia’s largest wineries for tracking the performance of their hand-pickers of grape.

The Challenge

The winery wants to track how many kilograms of grape their pickers, which mainly work only during the harvest as a temporary workforce, pick. Based on that information, the winery executes the payments to those pickers. Keeping track of the performance of the pickers helps the winery to motivate them, as well as it helps pickers to know exactly how they are earning money by picking.

The Solution

The application was built in a way that it synchronously runs across a number (in customer’s case, 12) separate Android devices, where each of the devices and users can have a different role and rights in the process. All instances of the application synchronize with each other in the real-time, and can fully deliver the functionality also in scenarios where some (or all) of the users are outside of signal coverage. The data from the 16 devices are processed by the Cloud-based application server, which is capable of real-time harvest performance tracking and worker payroll calculation. Furthermore, export and printing of the performance records for the workers are supported.

The Results

Performance of than 160 workers was tracked successfully across 12 Android devices and the system delivered exceptionally over the 2 seasons now.