Expecting Pregnancy iOS & Android App

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The Factory team designed and develop a brand new application for iOS and Android platform, this time for Parents in action – Roda.hr.

Expecting Your Baby Is Now Even More Enjoyable with the “Expecting” Android and iOS App

The Factory team designed and develop a brand new application for iOS and Android platform, this time for Parents in action – Roda.hr. They are a group of engaged citizens that advocates for dignified pregnancy, parenthood, and childhood in Croatia.

Personalized Pregnancy Tracker Shows Your Baby’s Daily Development

If you are an expecting mom or partner, who has the app too, for a week to week, you can track how your baby grows and what are the main changes in babies progress.

Sync with Your Partner

For the first time, here is the application where expecting mom and her partner can keep track of every single thing about pregnancy together. Two devices, two users, but only one statistics about pregnancy!

More Than 150 Articles in 4 Categories

All information in this app is the result of a collaboration between leading parents group, independent midwives, psychologist, doulas, babywearing, and car seat experts.

Find the Perfect Name for Your Baby

Expecting app offers you name from 12 countries and after putting all names at “Favourite list” you will quickly decide what is the perfect name for your new family member.

Monitor Personal Health with Expecting App

During pregnancy, this app helps you to measure your weight, blood pressure, and diabetes level. Pregnancy is a phase that needs constant monitoring of both the mom and the child.

Contraction Timer & Movement Counter

When 37th week arrives, the app has two new features for controlling babies moves and moms contractions.

Movement counter is an excellent feature for expecting moms because they can, for the first time feel babies moves, and with counter, there is no fear that something isn’t right.

Make a Shopping Checklist with the Expecting Mom App

Every expecting mom needs a hospital bag, and every partner of expecting mom has to know where that bag is.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to establish Parents in action – Roda.hr not only as a resource for fresh, up-to-date information but also present the main difference of this pregnancy app in comparison with other, dozens of pregnancy apps in the app store.

This app has a major advantage because, above all tips for mothers, there are hundreds of articles on how partners and future dads can help pregnant women, and also, understand her better and help while preparing for the most beautiful day in our lives. This is the first app that has this feature and it makes us very proud of our client and our developers!

The Work

Find support for your pregnancy journey and know what to expect, every step of the way with iOS or Android mobile apps! Also, let us know what you think about all the features we develop for our client.


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