How Google Ads Helped Travel Medical Convert Undecided Customers

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After just one month of intensive work we doubled the number of conversions and almost tripled the website traffic.

Our client Travel Medical, provides information and coordinates travel overseas for high-quality medical services at great price points.

With the help of globalisation, knowledge and technology are spread all over the world. We are fortunate to have access to great medical services and find the best treatments for our needs.

The primary goal of Today’s Agency for this account was to increase traffic to their website that converts.

As you continue reading this case study, our partnership accomplished this goal. Travel Medical doubled its leads in just one month.

How was the strategy formed?

So how did we come up with a winning strategy, you ask?  Well, we always come up with a winning strategy, naturally! But here’s a peek in our location independent agency. Each client gets an account manager from our agency. The account manager optimizes your online advertising account daily but besides this, we also bring our forces together.

We have weekly audits and we discuss how we can skyrocket your sales through online advertising. We also have interviews with our clients to understand the customer journey and which are the differentiators in order to have ads with a CTR above average.

Were strategic decisions made based on our experience and expertise, competitive research, etc.?

There are plenty of private hospitals and clinics which offer great medical services so the challenge was how to rank higher than other ads and how to convince people to click on our ads.

After a close look at this account but also at the competition we noticed that the ads don’t express compassion and hope. Most of the time advertisers forget that their ads will be seen by real people. Advertisers write in a detached way just hitting you with features, benefits and promotions.

Our strategy was to highlight our clients best services to real people. People who seek help, who seek compassion and the best technology there is out there to help them have a better and healthier life.


  1. Fulfill your dreams of having a baby with the help of in vitro fertilization.
  2. You are strong. You can beat cancer. Try the oncological treatment in Turkey. Ask for info.

Another aspect that we noticed at this account was that the medical services and terms were not explained in ads. Trust me, I know that can be difficult taking into consideration that we have a limited number of characters. Nevertheless,  it can be done.

You can’t just say your services are the best and at a great price point. Try to highlight the benefits of your service or product and think about what’s in it for the customer, if he buys your product or service.


After just one month of discussion with our client, we managed to double the traffic and raise the conversion rate by 50%. The incredible result is evident in the increase in paid traffic, which illustrates an improvement in Google Ads ranking, as a result of our campaigns.

What was the most successful project? Did we refine the strategy to improve results?

We monitored the account on a daily basis the first two weeks of implementing our strategy and made several changes to help it grow.

During a close monitor, we are able to see exactly what potential customers are looking for and we bring the account at an optimal level.

How did we and the client work together?

A very important aspect of our success stories is the close relationships with our clients. We had several meetings with Travel Medical where we asked what people are looking for, what technologies are available to help them, and most importantly how can we differentiate ourselves to beat the competition.

We want to have great relationships with our clients and we do go the extra mile for them. Travel Medical was no exception.

What did we learn during the engagement?

Working on this account we realized once again how important it is to talk on a regular basis with our clients because we get many insights: what do customers say, what do they want, what is the competition doing.

We also talk in our agency about how we can improve our services and our clients’ feedback is highly appreciated.

Results and Happy Ending

After just one month of intensive work, we doubled the number of conversions and almost tripled the website traffic. Of course, we are thrilled to have a happy customer but most importantly we are happy that we can give people hope to find fast the help they need.

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