How to Raise a Project’s Free Float From 0 to 2,000,000 in One Run and Boost the Number of Telegram Subscribers by 8x – The Case by BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting
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This case shows how BDC Consulting specialists managed to increase token sales and create a community of 25,000 people from scratch.

The Task

The major goal of the campaign was token promotion. The client wanted to increase sales on the exchange, develop a community, and launch a page on Twitter. A mandatory requirement was the observance of complete anonymity, which did not allow the use of big names associated with the project and the application of traditional marketing tools.

The geography of the project was also wide and quite specific:

  • Europe
  • Turkey
  • Latin America


What Did We Do?

The project team consisted of 9 people, including project and account managers, team lead, influencer relations manager, SEO/SERM specialist, PR manager, and content author.

The three campaign languages ​​were identified:

  • English
  • Turkish
  • Spanish


Method: Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) Marketing

Since there was a direct ban on using the company’s name, specialists resorted to indirect promotion strategies. For this purpose, key opinion leaders were chosen. They had to tell how they found out about the token, why they were interested in it, describe its advantages, and gradually lead their audience to the next step – joining the Telegram chat.


Local Telegram Communities

To reach a large segment of the loyal audience and support interest in the project, 3 Telegram chats were created in English, Turkish, and Spanish. Each of them was attended by a manager who encouraged discussion of project news and forecasts for its development, organized regular token distributions, introduced pools, and held other promotions.


Twitter Promotion

Popular Twitter bloggers were attracted to the weekly token giveaways. This amplified the impact of community-building events on Telegram.


In just four months, we managed to significantly increase token sales:

  • At the 1st stage, $1.7 million was raised (70% more than the KPI).
  • At the 2nd stage, tokens worth $4.241 million (2.2 times more than the specified KPI) were sold.

To date, the token is traded on 7 exchange platforms (including one of the 10 world leaders) and sold to large investors through brokers.

Community growth:

  • On Twitter – from 0 to 14 thousand people
  • Telegram – 10 thousand subscribers

The total coverage of attracted users by region (Europe, Turkey, Latin America) exceeded 2 million people.


To quickly promote tokens and increase sales, the following techniques were used:

  • Collaboration with bloggers and opinion leaders helped create a large community from scratch in a short time.
  • Regular project updates and news releases stimulated public interest.
  • Informal local communities allowed specialists to promote the project and generate organic interest without the direct involvement of the company.

Currently, BDC Consulting continues to work on the project and launches new local communities, including Hindi, Chinese, and Korean languages.