Human Capital Website Redesign

Bozka Design
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Human Capital is a platform that allows people to search and apply for job programs abroad.

We analyzed Human Capital’s old website KPIs and tested it on target users. Having defined the weak elements of the design we suggested the changes. We ran tests on the performance of the new version which showed better results.


The reason why the owner of the Human Capital decided to redesign the website was because of low conversion and high bounce rates.

First, we looked to Google Analytics to gain some insights and found that the wrong geographical locations were being targeted and that there were high bounce rates on certain pages. Besides that, the tests showed extremely long loading time for the website, mostly because of un-optimized graphics.


We ran user testing with target users twice:

First, on the old website together with a couple of competitors’ websites.

Second, we tested the redesigned website to check if the UX was improved. And it was done.


Getting used to working with the Western market, some of the insights we got from testing this Eastern European website surprised us a lot. Besides the difference in aesthetic taste, we saw totally different online habits and behavior.

Taking this into account, we redesigned the website in a style that wouldn’t look alien to the Eastern European market, improving the users’ interaction and architecture.