Health Wizz Mobile & Web App Design

Bozka Design
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Health Wizz is the blockchain-powered platform for the health providers and their patients for aggregating, organizing and sharing medical data.

We dramatically redesigned Health Wizz public-facing mobile app and designed the Health Wizz B2B web app from scratch, providing them with a sustainable design system and design support.

Goals and Challenges

The Health Wizz project offered us a whole set of challenges.

Product 1 – Mobile app for patients
Product 2 – B2B Web app for care providers

Another global challenge was the complexity of the domain (Healthcare) and the technology (Blockchain) behind the products.

Mobile App Design

The Health Wizz mobile app aimed to help individuals to manage their medical records using blockchain technology. We planned to simplify and secure their communication with healthcare providers and give them an efficient platform that allows them to take care of their health and even receive monetary rewards.

Having in mind the behavior changing nature of the interaction in the app, we introduced some gamification elements to increase the user’s engagement.

We designed the UX flows with cryptocurrencies so simple for users that they might not even realize that the in-app tokens are the crypto ones.

We created a well-documented Design System that can be scaled and make the developer’s life easier. We used the newest technologies and approaches to simplify the project management and development process.

Web App Design

Health Wizz is a web app that enables care providers to keep track of their patient’s health. One of the main features of the app is to provide them a platform to keep track of chronic disease patients. Another important part of the functionality is allowing research centers to find matching donors of medical data and reward them securely and anonymously.

Some of the global challenges we faced:

1. Our web app is supposed to be used for big hospitals, that mostly use FHIR standard, but also small doctor’s offices that might not be using it. We had to make the platform inclusive for all data standards.

2. To reward patients for health-related activity on the Health Wizz platform, care providers should use crypto tokens. We had to make the financial transactions with cryptocurrencies maximally clear and non-distracting for our users – care providers.

For Health Wizz we created scalable modular interface architecture.

Using research and testing methods to prove our design decisions, we designed the UX flow that minimized the complexity of creating and using crypto-wallets.