Imera Cosmetics New York

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Imera New York is the most exciting range of cosmetics made in America. They work with top dermatologists and makeup artists from Hollywood

About Imera New York

Imera New York is the most exciting range of cosmetics made in America. They are associated with top American dermatologists and makeup artists from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Their products were used in big film industries. They already made their brand in that industry. But when they launched their product for everyone in the market, it wasn’t easy to catch the running market with already established brands. Because the brand was new in the market and not everyone was known to this brand, their sales were not going well.


Many small brands have started to take over the market, mainly from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, etc. Their introduction of new products has blurred the line between premium and other brands. Imera’s beauty products are higher in range, so we need to target premium customers who look for quality items.

How Davzo helped IMERA to boost their sales

Digital presence is significant for any product and brand to connect with its target customer. As a digital marketing firm, we designed strategies for Imera Cosmetics.

  • Create social media presence
  • Make their proper website
  • Social media campaign
  • Add their products on Amazon.

We created their social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest. These three platforms are like a blessing to promote any product. And these are popular social media platforms that can serve as valuable marketing tools for businesses.

We created promotional posts for their social media accounts and started sharing those posts daily. We made small videos also about their products that drove thousands of views. We used engaging campaigns to boost their Instagram post engagement and get more views, where we designed some posts like asking questions, taking a poll, giving some beauty tips, etc. From these posts, we got some excellent responses from people. The Instagram Reel feature is fantastic. We created several reels about some beauty tips and other content that made the magic.

To engage more traffic, we came up with a social media campaign, wherewith the help of top American makeup institutes, conducting an online makeup course. First, we did the technical work. We created an online platform for this course for registration and online payments of all the students. Then we designed some promotional banners. We searched for influencers who could promote their course. Then we connected with them through emails and calls, where we got a great response from all the influencers.

Imera used to sell all their products from their website, where they were not getting responses as they wanted. Then we launched their products on Amazon, a huge platform for online shopping. We went through all the instructions given by amazon. Keeping those things in mind, our content writing team designed catchy descriptions and titles for their products. So whenever any customer goes there to purchase the cosmetic products, they will also see the Imera Cosmetic products in that list.

So this is how our digital marketing services & SEO services helped Imera create a strong presence on social media and convert their followers into leads.