InColor Kitchens Web Design & Development

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The InColor team takes great pride in kitchens that they create for their customers. Our goal was to translate that love into a unique digital experience.

The Client

When the InColor team contacted us, we were excited to be presented with an opportunity to create an immersive and memorable digital experience on the web. InColor is well known in the region for its custom-built luxury and classic kitchens, every single one of them created with passion, love and one goal in mine — to improve their customers’ everyday life.

Our Solution

Original and exceptional kitchen design required the same level of commitment from our design and development team. Our web designers created a beautiful interactive website with a luxurious feel to it, which our front-end and back-end developers brought to life using the latest web technologies.

We are extremely proud of the end result and believe it to be a true representation of the InColor team’s product.