Intu Case Study

Victory Digital
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Support the technical development of their new shopping centre pages across all 14 locations in the UK.

Intu is the UK’s largest high street shopping network with numerous shopping centres dotted around the UK, including famous locations such as Lakeside, Merry Hill, Victoria Centre, and the Trafford Centre. Intu owns and manages each of their high-end shopping centres, and hosts more than 400 million shoppers globally. Their goal is to provide the general public with the best places for shopping and leisure, hosting top brands such as Apple, Odeon and all the major fashion brands.

Intu is passionate about providing the perfect shopping experience and has a unique customer insight that helps drive the company to structure and create the future of shopping on the internet and on location. Intu has an impressive profile that includes some of the following statistics:

  • £5.9bn estimated retail sales
  • 35m unique customers
  • 8 of the UK’s top shopping centres
  • £4.8bn total economic contribution

The Brief

A company on this scale has a website to equally match it. Victory Digital was appointed by intu to help support the technical development of their new shopping centre pages across all 14 locations in the UK.

The Work

Intu came to us wanting to ensure that their new version of the website was up to date, as well as future proof. Ensuring that the website would stand the test of time in a new age of search. Some of the work included;

  • Ensure structured data is valid and up to date
  • Create a full-scale technical specification document to ensure search quality
  • Perform technical optimisations on the current website

The Strategy

We knew that this would be no ordinary project due to the scale of the website. So, to ensure that we keep up our high standard of work, we focused on some of the following elements that would make the website technically optimised for future website generations.

Website Health Checks

We were tasked to make the website squeaky clean and this meant that we had to evaluate and optimise all subcategories of the website including jobs, events, and offers. This tied in with the technical specifications we previously put forward. We improved security, ensured that low-quality content was removed using our strict content marketing quality checks as well as ensuring internal linking was on point and greatly improved with thousands of redirects put forward. No stone was unturned with this and we used specific strategies and techniques to unearth content from years back.

Code Optimisation

With any new website, we needed to ensure that the website features up to date code to help structured data and also page speed. We worked closely with the development agency to ensure that the website was optimised to showcase store information, job information and most important item offers and cost information. We set this out in a way that would ensure information was easily showcased and found for users.

The Results

The results for intu have meant that their team can now push forward with their work without worrying about any potential SEO issue. The website has also been well received from the general public with its newly improved page speed as well as information that is clear and concise and easy to find. Due to our hard work, we have established a strong relationship with intu and we are looking forward to the next phase of intu’s digital venture. Here are some statistics from the work we completed:

  • 27k redirects
  • 16k pages optimised
  • 1 outstanding technical specification document
  • 230 cups of coffee