Landscape Management Network (LMN)

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LMN provides simple, but powerful SaaS solutions that help landscape contractors build profitable businesses, manage clients in their sales pipeline.

Client and Business Goals

Landscape Management Network Inc. (LMN), is the leading business management software in the landscape industry. Their goal is to provide simple, but powerful SaaS solutions that help landscape contractors manage and build profitable businesses.

Project Description

The product is a mobile CRM application integrated with the existing web CRM for landscape contractors to manage the leads and clients in their sales pipeline.

Applied Technologies

Flutter for both iOS & Android platforms, Dart as a programming language, Google Places integration, Business analysis, UI / UX Design, Quality assurance, Fixed Price Scope Controlled project flow.

Project Highlights

Deliver an application for both platforms extremely quickly

  • The goal was to design an app and integrate it into the existing software ecosystem. This was not hard to do due to a stable API that was used to integrate the new app over. Most of the difficulties were related to the timeline, which we had to contend with. So, when choosing the technology to go with, we were focused on the development speed each option offered. Flutter was the fastest to design this app among stable and scalable cross-platform frameworks.
  • After succeeding with the release, MobiDev team went ahead with new features design and became involved in сurrent Web CRM updates and improvements.

Increase transparency and efficiency with BLoC architecture

  • For the architecture design, we separated UI and business logic. We developed classes to communicate with the server-side along with using asynchronous programming with futures. It brought us the ability to code “page templates” and speed up the development of application screens.
  • Such advantages eventually lead us to a significant efficiency during design, development and polishing stages.