Leading Croatian Travel Agency | Kompas Zagreb d.d.

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Travel agencies have resisted change for decades, but Kompas Zagreb d.d. managed to adapt its digital efforts to become the successful travel agency of tomorrow.

About the Project:

Through the STP (segmentation, targeting, positioning) process, we defined three major time periods in the up-and-coming months. Since Kompas Zagreb d.d. has a wide variety of tours offering, the basis of our strategy was to correlate each type of offering with a particular season of the year. Along with seasonal advertising, our aim was to increase the customer base with the focus on millennials (18-35).

Main Challenge(s):

Our digital efforts were centered on Facebook and Instagram. Using a combination of branded content, designed by our creative team, with user-generated content (UGC) and attractive photographs from different world destinations, combined with attentive community management – always consistent with the clients’ affable tone of voice – we have created a highly-engaged community across our target channels.

Agency Solution(s):

By measuring over analytical data from Facebook and Instagram Insights, we have continuously improved and refined our processes to deliver on-going growth and success for Kompas Zagreb d.d..