Agency name: ForgeBIT
Agency HQ: Zagreb
Year of founding: 2014
Agency size: 11 - 25
Owners: Goran Deak


Since the very first days of our agency, we proudly present our way of creating by our name – forging your digital presence with every implemented bit.

With more than 150 recognizable regional and international projects across more than 20 verticals, our expertise and result-oriented client executions speak for themselves. In cooperation with best of breed partnerships with global digital providers, our focus is to elevate our three pillars of operating (thought, performance, and intelligence) to a higher tier.

It's a wonderful age that we live in, this era when we can publish ourselves and share our best thoughts with the world. For us and our clients, it all starts with a thought which we transform into an intelligent performance-driven experience in the fields of strategy, analytics, social media, content production, development, and digital advertising.

Clients: Next, Room Escape, Eurotower, Qualia, AD Hotel Equipment, Excel Assemblies, City Of Zagreb, Croatian Institute of Public Health, Black Pearl, Globalsport

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