Leading up to the Best Sales Quarter Ever

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geothinQ reapproached us in 2020 to expand their revenue derived from website-driven signups so that they could meet business growth goals.

In Search of Additional Online Revenue

geothinQ is a GIS solution that drives return-worthy land investment decisions for project stakeholders. After originally coming to Alloy in 2017 for foundational messaging work, they reapproached us in 2020 with a desire to expand their revenue derived from online, website-driven signups so that they could meet steadily increasing business growth goals. Alloy assessed geothinQ’s current inbound marketing efforts and came up with a plan to increase online signups.

Targeted Ads, Segmented Emails & Relevant Site Content

Alloy conducted an audit of geothinQ’s previous ads, content and email performance, where we found gaps within the company’s keyword and targeting strategies. We then narrowed down a handful of key targets, refined keyword research and designed a marketing plan centered on creating a greater pool of prospects that could be nurtured into customers. To execute our plan, we created downloadable educational pieces and ongoing blog content that spoke to users at every stage of the buyer’s journey. We then launched targeted email and ad campaigns to reach a qualified audience.

Best Quarter for Online Platform Signups Ever

Prioritizing quick and impactful results, within 6 months Alloy was able to drive hundreds of online signups and conversions for geothinQ, leading to their best performing quarter ever. Strategic inbound marketing tactics centered around content creation, ad optimizations, and email marketing led to these stellar results, which also increased ad click through rate by 280% and improved bounce rate by 40%.