Mbito Branding & App Design

Rekos Agency
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A modern brand identity and user-friendly app empowering Mercedes owners for seamless automotive experiences

Experience the next level of Mercedes car care with Mbito! Their cutting-edge device, seamlessly integrated with the user-friendly app, revolutionizes how you care for your car. By prioritizing the user’s needs, their innovative technology ensures that your Mercedes stays in optimal condition. Embrace the future of automotive mxaintenance and elevate your driving experience with Mbito’s intuitive solution.

The Goal

Our goal for the Mbito project was to create a cohesive brand identity and a user-friendly app that simplifies car care for Mercedes owners. We aimed to position Mbito as a leader in the automotive industry with a modern brand identity and an innovative app.


We have aimed to create an easy-to-use OBD2 app for Mercedes-Benz vehicles. We have made connecting to the OBD2 device and scanning all your Mercedes ECUs easy. After you scan all the ECUs, the device will show you all the faults and descriptions next to the faults. It allows users to understand what kind of fault they have and where to start if they want to fix their Mercedes.

Also, this app will enable users to turn on or off hidden features of their car. If you need help navigating the app or have questions regarding its functionality, the app has a Help screen where you can find FAQs and other helpful information.


  • 1 brand designer, 1 UI/UX designer, and 2 project managers worked on this project.
  • Adobe Cloud and Figma were used for design creation.
  • The project was completed in 1 month.