MFSeals Google Ads Campaign

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The best way to show your business right at the moment when your potential customers need you is through Google Ads.

About the Client

MF Seals DOOEL  was established in 2011 in Skopje, and is a daughter company of MF Seals DOO Belgrade. Their main field of work is the production of custom made seals. The company is also a general representative of products from giants like Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Simrit, Merkel, Dichtomatik, and Frenzelit. Products include flat gaskets, simmerings, o-rings, and other types of seals in all possible geometric shapes.

The Challenge

MF Seals like many small businesses had a poor digital presence prior to our collaboration. They turned to us for a simple solution that will generate profit for the company. The main goal for MF Seals was to create one channel for promotion that will replace all others.


Since the target audience for MF Seals were specialized workers that would be hard to reach on social media platforms, we concluded that the best way to get in touch with those workers was at the moment when they needed us the most. The best way to show your business right at the moment when your potential customers need you is through Google Ads.

The Process

With every client we have the same process: We create a list of questions tailored for the specific client. Once we get a full understanding of their work, what they do, and who their target audience is it’s a piece of cake for us to create amazing Google Ads campaigns. The campaigns are optimized daily and our experimentations never end until we get the best possible results.

Our focus was to bring potential customers to the MF Seals website and get them to contact the store and make an order.

In order to show your ads to your target audience on Google, you need to be able to fully understand the buyer persona and the language that they use for searching on Google. Even though that was a challenge, we didn’t stop until we got our ads in front of those people that needed MF Seals products. In our research, we didn’t leave any stone unturned. Once we got an extensive list of keywords we were able to proceed to the next step.

We try to be as precise as possible, so we created separate ads for the most important keywords.

We made A/B tests of the ad copy and the final result was optimized ads with low costs that bring more clicks for the same budget.


After thorough keyword research, we were able to find a large number of high intent keywords that didn’t have any competition. Instant results at a low cost. MF Seals is one of our oldest clients and they are sticking to the same strategy for 4 years because it works!