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A snapshot of how GravityCode developed the MOZE Mobile app, which is used by all current students, parents and
teachers at The International School of Belgrade in Serbia.


The MOZE Mobile app is designed for all current International School of Belgrade students, parents and
teachers. It provides a handy portal for all information that is available on the parent/student web portal.

Our IB results are consistently among the best in the world, and our graduates go on to study at some of
the world’s finest universities. Our teachers purposefully create inspiring, student-centered and
personalized learning environments designed to address each student’s unique approach to their
learning. Our community is our strength and we are happy to have parents who are actively involved in
the lives of their children and the school community.

This school app enables you to keep track of various information relevant to you as a student, parent or
employee of The International School of Belgrade.

MOZE Mobile offers:

• using your parent/student school account to access student’s report cards, attendance, and
• insight into gradebooks, curriculums, after school activities (ASA)
• updating parental consents, emergency contacts and vehicle information
• easier communication between parents and teachers, as well as teachers and students.

The Challenge

As the school already had a web application, our task was to do UX, UI and develop a mobile version of the application.

The challenge was adapting the API of the web application and communication with the mobile version of the application. The vast majority of activities that existed in the web application also had to work in the mobile version for Android and iOS.

A separate portal for each group of users – parent portal, student portal, admin portal, teacher portal, coach portal.

The Solution

Our approach involved the following steps.

  • We collaborated with clients to increase productivity and get the best design for end users.
  • We facilitated testing (for Android and iOS) using platforms such as Test Flight, which allowed end users and clients to test the program prior to release.
  • We scheduled critical communication for both the product owner and the development team. Before each meeting, we meticulously prepared and offered the discussion topic and demonstration.
  • We reduced the amount of time and effort needed from the client by having an internal conversation to summarize the Q&A, as well as provide follow-up answers to each topic.

The Result

The client was very pleased with the app we developed for them.