My Grocery Store Application Development

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A mobile app for easier, faster and more secure purchase of all your necessary groceries.

We often consider grocery shopping to be a big, time-consuming obligation, and we want to do it as quickly and simply as possible. Shopping online is a huge benefit in helping us save time. Time is the most precious thing we have, as they say, so it should not be spent on crowds in supermarkets.

Target Group

Small and medium-sized retailers who want to modernise their business and adapt to the needs of today’s market. The online application will help your customers make their day-to-day purchases easier, while ensuring that you are competitive in the market. Customers can add whatever they need during the day, then conclude their purchase and decide if they want to pick up their groceries at the store or have it delivered to their home address.

The Problem

The current worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, has restricted many people into quarantine and isolation, and fewer and fewer people are going to grocery stores. In order to protect your business, but also the health of your employees, the online application presents a solution that allows your customers to have fresh groceries without excessive risk, whether to them or to your employees. But even once the crisis has passed, people’s habits will remain, and the younger population of up to 30 years old certainly prefers this way of buying.

What We Want to Achieve

An easier preview of day-to-day orders, and control of customer registration through a web application that can be controlled by your employees as well. The customer has the option of choosing the delivery – either to their doorstep, or picking up groceries at the shop. Simple and easy.

The Solution

A mobile app for easier, faster and more secure purchase of all your necessary groceries. Through the mobile application, the customer selects the products he wants, puts them in the cart, and chooses the payment method and the method of delivery. The retailer monitors orders via a web or mobile application. Integration with existing systems (POS. ERP) is also possible if this suits the retailer’s needs.