Nestlé SEO Campaign Creates 84% Boost in Organic Traffic

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Codedesign implemented an SEO Content Strategy for Nestlé that focused on Christmas-related keywords 6 months before the holiday season. Read more.

About the Project

Considered the largest food company in the world in terms of revenue, Saboreia a Vida (SAV) is a subsidiary website of Nestlé Portugal. Saboreia a Vida is a brand content website for Nestlé Products and brands with articles and food recipes. This portal intends to be a reference for healthy food, recipes, and related topics.


  • Increase organic traffic and online visibility.
  • Increase website engagement.
  • Rank on Google top 3 for healthy food and food recipes.
  • Prepare the cooking website for Christmas season and surge in holiday traffic.
  • Design and produce a monthly report to track measurable results that can be easily read by different departments/ collaborators of Nestlé with no digital marketing experience/expertise.

What We Did

Align SAV with a “healthy eating” and “well-being” rhetoric, and expand within these content lines by adding new topics & themes. Climb the website to Google’s top 3 for “food recipes” to increase cross-selling for Nestlé products. We began our strategy six months in advance in order to index and capture Christmas related search queries.

With these guidelines in mind, we focused on applying a content strategy based on producing long, unique, and valuable content with search volume support. The website audiences were not analyzed to avoid the narrow effect of audience segmentation. Both websites are intended for the public, with simple and clear articles that can be read by everyone.

Optimization Techniques

  • Define a content strategy highlighting the best Keywords for the lines of content where Nestle would like to stand out (“healthy eating” and “wellbeing”) to increase ranking and online visibility.
  • Expand to new lines of content in accordance with Nestle’s marketing strategy. Based on traffic its growing trend, we suggested: “Healthy recipes” for SAV.
  • Suggest new recipes based on average monthly search volume and predictive trends.
  • Create a content hierarchy to define and organize the production of video recipes, prioritizing recipes with the highest search volume.
  • On-page optimization and architectural changes.
  • Mobile speed optimization and compression enabling.


The keywords were optimized content strategy resulted in an 84% increase in Organic traffic alone.

The improved engagement was supported by simple metrics like the increased Average Time on Site, Pages/Session, and reduced Bounce Rate.

  • 36% Increase in Sessions.
  • 55.7% CTR decrease.
  • More than 80% increase in returning users.
  • 125% increase in Remarketing opportunities.
  • 6% Average Conversion Rate.