Nutshell Branding & Website Development

Appetite Creative
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We created business cards, logos and a brand new website for a brand new restaurant in London.

About the Client

Nutshell, London, is a restaurant that offers the secrets of Iranian cuisine, and Nutshell’s owners, Mohammad and Marwa, want to share these unique dishes with London’s diners.

Located in Martins Lane, the chic restaurant resides in the heart of London; a stone’s throw from Big Ben and round the corner from Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden; conveniently, it is only a short walk from Appetite’s London office, too.

At Nutshell they hope to lift the lid on this glorious complexity and tell the untold stories of the enchanting, ancient cuisine of Iran to a wider audience.


At Appetite Creative we know very well how to microwave up a fine lunch, thank you very much, but we must admit that the finest Khoresht Bademjan in London, with delicious tomato, split chickpeas, and aubergine might be a bit of a stretch.

Luckily for us, Nutshell didn’t come to us for dinner for two; they wanted a high-end yet nature-inspired concept for their brand.

We needed to reflect the courage of opening a brand new restaurant (which is clearly not Pizza Express with its well-known dishes) in the West End, the quality of the ingredient, that passion of the owners, the high-end, top-quality, surrounding and the comfort and glorious flavour of the food; and we needed to reflect this in everything from business cards to logos to a brand new state-of-the-art website.


Inspired by the pistachio nut, we started with the logo and chose to provide a hand-painted watercolour image that flows, is easily recognisable and is effortlessly unobtrusive. We went for letterpress business cards and had them made slightly thicker than the standard so that they felt like they were of a higher quality when in hand. The thickness also allowed us to continue our pistachio green colour scheme on the edges of the card so that they will stand out even when part of a deck of others.

We introduced brand guidelines that reflect the wonders of the dishes served, that reflect the chic and fashionable locale that now sits proudly in the entertainment centre of the grand city of London, and the quality values of owners Mohammad and Marwa.

This was also reflected in the new website and we created a stunningly elegant, simple, but high-end site that is easy to use and has nothing to hide. Washed with our brand new, relaxing colour scheme, the website allows any potential diner to make reservations, view the menu, subscribe to the newsletter and connect to the many newly branded (by us) social network pages that Nutshell now boast.


Nutshell saw a significant increase in both footfall into their London restaurant and also through their website traffic and engagement. The client was impressed by our ability to cement their establishment as one of the globe’s most chic and trendy areas.