OLX: Impact of Display Ad Campaigns on User Behaviour

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We apply our proprietary methodology of ‘Comprehensive Analysis’ that allows us to get a 360-degree view of the real impact of ad campaigns.


OLX – is the online classified ads service number 1 in Ukraine. Ukrainian platform accounts for over 10 M adverts and growing at the pace of 3 million new offers monthly. On average, users publish advertisements every second. OLX Ukraine is in the top-10 most visited websites in the country (according to SimilarWeb, May 2020). Every other internet-user in Ukraine is visiting the service at least once a month.


The fundamental problem on the market was that the vast majority of players and agencies were still adopting last-touch attribution in their methodology of evaluation of the effectiveness of display ad campaigns. Such an outdated approach would not allow evaluating the real impact of display advertising campaigns on user behaviour and the impact of the channel on the purchasing intent of ad exposed users.

Our team decided to tackle this challenge because the understanding of the magnitude of the display ads effect would allow us to allocate a budget for display ad campaigns in a data-driven way.

Our Approach

To trace the effectiveness of the display ad campaigns we used integration between Analytics 360 and Google Campaign Manager solutions. It allowed us to separate the users who were exposed to our advertising campaigns from the ones who were not and measure the difference between the two in conversion rate and other metrics.


This analysis allowed us to understand that our efforts, with respect to display advertising, generated tangible improvement in the user behaviour of ad-exposed users pushing them to the desired actions, with a whopping 151 percentage points higher rate compared to those who didn’t see the ad.

About newage.

newage. is the digital solutions agency specialized in online ad campaign optimisation. We apply our proprietary methodology of ‘Comprehensive Analysis’ (includes view-through conversions attribution and cross-device user-id matching) that allows us to get a 360-degree view of the real impact of ad campaigns. The agile approach to campaigns optimisation allows us to identify best performing ad placements, creatives and audiences and perform the necessary adjustments on the run.