Partnering With Healthcare Researchers To Improve Patient Communications

Balkan Brothers
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We partnered with Otsuka to improve their clinician-patient communications and help researchers to do their work safer, faster and smarter.

The Client

Otsuka is a global holistic healthcare company. Originally founded in Japan in 1921, today their international network comprises more than 150 companies and 40,000 employees across Asia-Pacific, America, Europe, and the Middle East. This long-term partnership saw Balkan Brothers collaborate with Otsuka’s US-based innovation team, who use digital technology to find new ways to improve their clinical trial and research processes.


Through research, strategy, designing and prototyping, we partnered with Otsuka over several years to improve their clinician-patient communications and help researchers to do their work safer, faster and smarter.


Our partnership with Otsuka resulted in the design and prototyping of four different products, each one helping to solve a different research goal or procedural pain point in the clinical trial process.

Disclaimer: Certain aspects of the design work presented here have been modified in order to protect patient privacy. Any health data displayed is fictitious. This showcase does not represent the products from Otsuka Pharmaceutical in its entirety.

A better way to treat mental health

For Project M, we prototyped a smartphone app that helps mental health care providers to accurately assess their patients, doing away with cumbersome paperwork and simplifying the experience for everyone. The app also allows researchers to collect patient data to support ongoing pharmaceutical projects.

Transforming the clinical trial workflow

In Project R, we set about transforming the clinical trial reporting experience for patients. A streamlined and stress-free app interface helps people to update their doctors with new symptoms and side effects as and when they happen. Step-by-step user flows and familiar smartphone feedback loops help patients to feel more at home in what can sometimes be a daunting experience.

The result

Building technology for healthcare presents a unique set of challenges. We developed and maintained robust internal processes to ensure we could comply with Otsuka’s rightly rigorous legal and data management standards. Yet, this ongoing partnership proves that our core belief in simple, useful and beautiful solutions is a recipe for success no matter what the sector.

We approach every Otsuka project holistically, bringing each prototype up to a market-ready standard complete with bespoke branding, interface design and final development.

Set of services


  • Style exploration
  • Identity development
  • Visual language + Art direction

Human Experience Design

  • Style exploration
  • Creative direction
  • User Interface design
  • Product design
  • Marketing website Illustrations
  • Animations


  • Front-end development
  • Website development
  • Responsive interface development
  • Optimization and testing
  • Quality assurance