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Promarketing, an online digital marketing instructor was founded in 2015. The first of its kind in Europe, it gives worldwide access to online courses of industry specialists, along with around-the-clock support.

About the Project:

The founders of Promarketing were about to offer new marketing courses and needed Adloonix to boost their social media presence before this moment to acquire the most students.

Main Challenge(s):

Adloonix needed to determine the types of students they would need to target the reworked Facebook Ad campaign toward, while utilizing targeted ads to enhance this effect.

Agency Solution(s):

Showing targeted carousel advertisements on Facebook during the right periods during the day proved the most effective. The campaign ran from June 2016 to December 2017.


4x 55% 1 90%
increase in return
on ad spend
lower cost per purchase the best target audience
was found
(women aged 23,29)
of registrations for course
leads came from Facebook