Putting the Well-Known Local Pest Control Company Online

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A complete 180-degree change — traditional to digital marketing

About the Client

Thomas Holland has been running his pest control business for ten long years in the heart of Dallas, Texas. His company, Bug No More Dallas, is the go-to bug and rodent extermination service in the area.

The Challenge

Bug No More Dallas has been solely reliant on traditional marketing. With the help of his family and friends, his business became the talk of the town as the best pest control company out there.

Most households in Dallas have their number on the ready. Whenever pest infestations occur, homeowners instantly know who to call.

However, right after the Covid-19 outbreak, people have been more reluctant about letting people into their homes. They would rather endure DIY pest solutions than calling a professional. Bug No More Dallas has been losing customers as word-of-mouth recommendations are no longer prevalent.Our Digital Solutions

Given that they have years of experience and have served thousands of happy customers, we made them a concise website. It allowed them to display their projects and help convince new customers that they are well-equipped to continue their service amidst the strict Covid-19 safety protocols.

We also established a Facebook page for them, which is the most used social media platform in their area. Their page allowed old and new customers to contact them quickly.

Furthermore, we ran paid search engine marketing campaigns to instantly boost their sales. We also helped them reach the surrounding areas of Dallas to increase their reach.

The Outcome

With the new website and social media page, they have significantly increased their sales. It has also given them a strong online presence, which helped them reach untapped customer bases in Dallas.

Here are the details:

  • 42% increase in sales
  • 104% increase in phone inquiries
  • Reached over 15,782 unique individuals who are likely interested in pest control service
  • Gained 415 new likes on their Facebook page
  • Bug No More Dallas went from having zero online presence to becoming one of the leading pest control service providers in Dallas.