Ready, Set, Launch to Success

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After launching the new website, the company reduced monthly advertising costs by $2,000-$14,000 and cut costs per lead in half.

The experts at City Seamless have been installing and repairing rain gutters since 1976. Family run from day one, City Seamless prides itself on quality work—their gutters look nice and get the job done—and has become a trusted name in the industry.

Already offering services in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah, the City Seamless reach continues to grow—and now the company’s team has a website that can grow alongside the business.

Project Objectives

The City Seamless team had two primary objectives in mind for this project when we first met with them: One, they wanted to improve their SEO rankings and implement more effective paid search advertising; two, they needed a website that would better spotlight their services, location areas, and company history in order to capitalize on this increase in site traffic.

In a complementary fashion, it was also critical for our team to highlight the company’s values. the team at City Seamless pride themselves on the wealth of experience and culture of support they bring to each project; they wanted to bring this information to the forefront so as to appeal to potential customers and employees alike.

Design and Development Successes

Our homepage design for City Seamless helps provide the “local” feel the company was angling for by opening on a bright, zoomed-in masthead image featuring a professional working on a gutter; the big blue sky beyond has a universal feel and appeal, and gives the sense that this could be anyone’s house in anyone’s city.

We made ample use of the blues and grays from the logo to set the brand’s tone across the website, and opted for a deep gold when accenting calls to action and primary service options.

We cleaned up the user flow by building a comprehensive main navigation menu that points to all the major areas of the website, with a “Request Estimate” button always present on every page. The service and product pages are easy to navigate and offer plenty of room for the City Seamless team to share as many details as required about each given item. Accordion-style content areas on these detail pages help decrease scroll and provide a tidy space for City Seamless to answer any and all frequently asked questions.

The locations overview page is particularly eye-catching, featuring a full-screen masthead space filtered over with branded blue. This area is the perfect space to introduce users to City Seamless’s many service locations, and a “Zipcode Search” field makes it easy for users to find options in their area.

The locations detail pages come equipped with stylized maps—offering users a secondary option for locating nearby services—and masthead areas primed for keyword-rich content (to help boost those SEO results).

In addition to these areas, we also designed and built an about page template that can be easily repurposed for any other required informational areas (such as the “Careers” page).

On a whole, the design is cohesive, fresh, responsive, and SEO friendly; it can scale up as the business does and provides the City Seamless team all the room they need to share pertinent information with prospective customers and employees.