Rebranding for Riley’s Gym Franchise

Percept Brand Design
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Branding agency, Percept, help transform the image of Rileys, a leading Australian gym and the hard work pays off.

The Challenge

Riley’s is a well-respected gym that has been in operation for almost 40 years. With its inception in bodybuilding, it has been the place to go for any bodybuilder worth their salt. Leveraging this reputation, they desired a shift towards becoming a lifestyle brand.

With high ambitions to be something no other gym in Australia has managed to achieve – not just a standard Anytime Fitness, Plus Fitness or F45 franchise – they desired a brand identity that conveys their strong, professional tone. A gym and a community you can really belong to, built on the notion of self-betterment.

The Solution

Branding agency, Percept worked closely with the business owners to develop a brand strategy that would provide the platform required to reach their business goals. Bringing the founder’s visions to life, a dynamic brand identity was created with strong fitness cues, promoting ownership and a sense of community.

The verbal branding system empowers individuals to create a better self and lift up the community. Typographic treatment is amplified with letterforms that sheer forwards and backwards with bold kinetic energy. This confidence and strength is apparent in all forms of communication, from the word-mark and language to the aspirational imagery on the website, print and digital marketing platforms, which were all created by the team at Percept.