Rede’s Shift to Technology-Focused Proposition

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Rede conveniently delivers authentic cuisine to your door. They needed us to help them educate their audience as to who they are & why they matter.

The Cultural Transformation

Rede was rich in brand equity and loyalty but lean on a scalable, modern system. Rede’s brand experience needed a clear hierarchy and strategic streamlining, and the visual and verbal identities warranted a fresh face for a bold brand at the top of its game in the food delivery industry.


Our Approach

We quickly exposed the limitations and shortcomings of the existing brand experience during an in-depth strategy process that began with an onsite kickoff in Chennai with Rede’s key executives and stakeholders. This experience helped us to intimately understand the dynamics of the company and the myriad challenges that we needed to address in the rebranding project. It also set a solid foundation for a working relationship that would sustain us in the many long months to come.

Our main objectives for the refresh became to mature the brand, create scalable and consistent brand visuals and applications, and to embrace boldness through elements that tell the story of technological advancement, thought leadership, and a passion for food.


Visual Identity

In recreating a brand worthy of the Rede caché, we realized the need to modify the letter E and the accompanying logotype. We honed in on a story that embraced Rede Drop Zone as it was initially called, but retold it in a way that spoke to the next generation of marketing. So the word Drop Zone and boxes were eliminated, the longstanding E was simplified, and given dynamism and dimension. They were reborn as Rede, which served to represent both a shift within the company and the user experience offered to their audience.


The App Scope

  • The user/customer app design and development
  • Web based dashboard development


Design Process

a / Idea > User persona; user stories; market analysis

b / Research > User journey map; user survey

c / Prototype > Sketches; wireframes; testing

d / Design > Visual design; animations