Revolutionizing How People Experience the Food Truck from Concept to Reality

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ExactTarget co-­founder turned food entrepreneur Chris Baggott approached Studio Science to help take his latest idea from concept to reality.

About the Project

Recognizing the explosive growth of food trucks across the country and increase in food delivery technology, Baggott decided to combine the two phenomena into a brand new concept in online ordering—ClusterTruck. With Studio Science’s startup experience, he chose to partner with Studio Science to bring ClusterTruck to life (and food to your door).

Challenge & Solution

In order to revolutionize the food service industry, ClusterTruck needed insights into the needs and underlying motivations of their target audience. It was crucial to dig deeper into how ClusterTruck can enable technology to better ease customer pain points and raise the status quo. The brand is simply part of the solution. Execution is key; considering the entire user experience—from login to follow up after delivery. Studio Science designed a streamlined ordering and delivery service across the web and mobile devices.


ClusterTruck launched in the Spring of 2016 with eminent success in Indy, amassing thousands of customers, and raising more than $3 Million in capital. The model has been so successful that ClusterTruck is now expanding to serve Cleveland, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and Minneapolis.