Schloss Waldenburg Interactive Tour

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Bringing history back to life with an interactive tour for Schloss Waldenburg.

About the Project

While on ITB 2019, we met the team from Tourism and Sport department from the city of Zwickau.

The head of the department, miss Ina Klemm recognized the potential right away and has shown great interest in what we do. After the initial visit to Waldenburg, near Zwickau, we have agreed on the project topic and started to develop a project framework.

We also had help from two very professional young actors, who embodied the roles of Prince Günther von Schönburg – Waldenburg and his wife Hertha Roetzschke.

Since Prince Günther was a positive historical figure with a keen interest in arts and culture, we have decided to make him both the star and the guide of the whole experience.

What We Did

As we were trusted by our partners from Zwickau Tourism and Sport department, we decided on making the tour extensive and have thus covered all three levels of the castle.

As soon as you enter the main lobby of the castle, you are greeted by Miss Hertha’s holoprojection, welcoming you to the castle.

With the use of augmented reality, we have enabled Prince Günther to come to life and to tell you more about his family, the castle itself and their time spent in the castle. He invites you to take a tour of the castle with him as a host, giving you additional information and historical context.

In addition, the tour is enriched with real-life depictions of life at that time with the use of virtual reality, with three different scenarios, all showing different scenes in the life of the castle.

The pinnacle of the tour is the projection mapping interactive book, in which the visitor can inspect the history of Schönburg – Waldenburg family and their family tree, witness the castle changing through the years before their eyes, and in the end, get more information on Prince Günther von Schönburg – Waldenburg and his brother Otto Viktor II.

We have to say that this was one of the most enjoyable projects we have done. Since we had awesome partners, the gathering of the materials and the production went smoothly, and the project has been deployed on the 10th of October 2019.