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Product Strategy, UX, and design for customer-friendly mobile lending application

The Challenge

Screen Print This, a leading t-shirt manufacturer for major brands like Target, FedEx and Harley Davidson, was searching for a way to expand its custom apparel business line. Despite offering some of the highest quality custom t-shirts on the market, the Screen Print This website lacked the positioning and branding needed to successfully convert B2B buyers.

Vague copy and unclear value proposition on original homepage.

Our Approach

Instead of simply redoing the Screen Print This website, the team at Digital Authority Partners took a holistic view of the company, its current position in the marketplace, and what was needed to significantly increase B2B conversions.

After conducting a high-level needs analysis, DAP created a robust set of product requirements that involved substantial changes to the UX, design, development, and marketing of the website. We not only redefined their digital strategy, but we also recreated and repositioned their e-commerce site, created a new, seamless back-end order management process, and expanded brand awareness through a series of targeted marketing efforts.

Updated Product Page

Customized order options based on user preferences.

Cart Checkout

Created an intuitive, user-friendly purchasing experience.

The Results

As a result of DAP’s digital and marketing strategies, Screen Print This successfully repositioned itself as a premium provider of B2B customer apparel.

They now have a modern, high performing e-commerce site and are enjoying improved brand recognition among prominent B2B businesses.