Sidehill Group Marketing & Web Development

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Sidehill Group is a leading advisory firm for companies struggling to grow revenue.

Sidehill Group is a leading advisory firm for companies struggling to grow revenue, those challenged with bringing in new revenue and others who have misaligned sales functions which, in turn, are undermining sales improvements and stagnating the growth trajectory. Sidehill has built a niche within the sales strategy segment due to its ability to identify and understand what precipitates sales shortfalls.

The Challenge

Sidehill reached an inflection point in its own lifecycle where it was time to refresh the brand, enhance visibility with both current and new target audiences, and take advantage of new digital marketing opportunities available to growing advisory firms. The leadership of Sidehill engaged eCuras to create an end-to-end strategic marketing and web development program that commenced with a new corporate identity including a new logo and website by which to build a foundation for future growth.

Our Work

The relationship incorporated a redefined marketing and communications strategy to complement the new user experience that would be reflected in the new web design.

eCuras performed a complete audit of all Sidehill’s existing materials, messaging and digital marketing efforts and defined new SEO requirements and keywords in keeping with the new site verbiage while using images and icons to make the site pop in subtle yet powerful ways.

eCuras also completed a strategic review of longer-term goals and opportunities. Sidehill received a completely revised wireframing and mapping of the CTA pathways to ensure each touchpoint was efficiently maximizing the user experience.