Social Media Marketing Campaign for Supreme Mabati

Lofty Minds Marketing Agency
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This case study highlights our strategic approach and the impressive results we achieved in generating high-quality leads for our client.


The Lofty Minds marketing agency is pleased to present a case study of our successful social media marketing campaign for Supreme Mabati, a leading manufacturer and supplier of roofing materials. This case study highlights our strategic approach and the impressive results we achieved in generating high-quality leads for our client.

Client Background

Supreme Mabati is a prominent player in the roofing industry, offering a wide range of high-quality roofing solutions. Their products are known for their durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. Despite having excellent products, Supreme Mabati faced a challenge in reaching and engaging their target audience effectively through social media.


Lofty Minds Marketing Agency and Supreme Mabati collaborated to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase brand awareness and online visibility.
  • Generate high-quality leads from social media platforms.
  • Drive engagement and interaction with the brand.
  • Build a loyal online community of potential customers.
  • Improve the overall online presence and perception of Supreme Mabati.


Our team at Lofty Minds devised a comprehensive strategy to meet these objectives:

a. Target Audience Analysis: We conducted in-depth research to identify and understand Supreme Mabati’s target audience, their preferences, and pain points.

b. Content Strategy: We developed a content calendar with a mix of informative posts, engaging visuals, customer testimonials, and promotional content. We ensured that all content resonated with the target audience.

c. Platform Selection: We selected the most relevant social media platforms for Supreme Mabati, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

d. Paid Advertising: We utilized targeted advertising on social media to reach a wider audience and drive conversions.

e. Community Building: We actively engaged with the audience, responded to comments and messages promptly, and encouraged user-generated content.

f. Data Analytics: We monitored and analyzed campaign performance using various metrics, making real-time adjustments as necessary.


Over the course of the campaign, we consistently implemented the strategy outlined above. Our team posted regular content, monitored social media channels, and launched paid advertising campaigns to amplify Supreme Mabati’s message and attract potential customers.


The campaign’s results exceeded expectations:

  • A 120% increase in website traffic from social media platforms.
  • A 65% growth in social media followers and engagement.
  • A 150% rise in direct inquiries and leads from social media.
  • Positive customer reviews and testimonials increased by 30%.
  • Supreme Mabati’s overall online visibility improved significantly.

Lessons Learned

Throughout the campaign, we learned several valuable lessons that can benefit future projects.

  • Consistency in posting and engagement is key to maintaining a loyal online community.
  • Understanding the target audience and their needs is crucial for crafting effective content.
  • Paid advertising can significantly boost reach and lead generation.
  • Real-time data analysis and adaptability are vital for a successful campaign.


The collaboration between the Lofty Minds marketing agency and Supreme Mabati showcased the power of strategic social media marketing in achieving business objectives. Through careful planning, targeted content, and ongoing analysis, we achieved impressive results, generating leads, and improving Supreme Mabati’s online presence. This case study demonstrates our commitment to delivering results for our clients.