Solver E-Learning Platform

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Creation of the e-learning platform that targets two types of users: providers who offer services and audiences who want to learn.

About the Client

The originator of the Solver project is the training and consulting company Nowe Motywacje, based in Krakow, Poland. The company has existed since 1996, and a year later it functioned as part of the Schouten Global group, a global training leader. Taking care of the development needs of its clients, Nowe Motywacje creates tailored training and coaching programs, initiates consulting activities, conducts research projects, proposes system solutions for HR, training over 22,000 people annually. In times of change, they adapt their offer and the forms used to the expectations and possibilities of the organization, which results in the creation of a Solver knowledge-sharing platform. Collaboration with CrustLab was initiated by Agata Kołodyńska, Director of Operations in Nowe Motywacje.


The main challenge of this project was the creation of an e-learning platform with the payment option. It was also very important for the client to accurately estimate the project duration and complete the work on time. The funds for the creation of the platform came from the EU subsidy and timeliness was one of the conditions for receiving the funds.

Another significant problem was the adjustment of the payment model. Relying on CrustLab’s experience with financial applications, the client asked us for advice on choosing the right payment model from among the solutions available on the market. The initial vision of the client included a number of functionalities, the legitimacy of which we had to verify, and plan their implementation to the platform. The last step before starting the development phase was designing the look of the platform so that learning through it would be comfortable, effective, and intuitive.

How CrustLab Helped

After thoroughly examining the customer’s requirements and needs, we started designing the UX and UI of the platform. We created a mock-up of a friendly-looking tool that is easy and intuitive to use. We focused on creating a video call panel that looks similar to Google Hangouts – which is well-known to many users, but we equipped it with additional functionalities facilitating the exchange of knowledge. During online lessons, users have access to a dashboard containing a school board on which they can draw, a notebook, and a messenger, thanks to which they can share training materials.

The operation of this type of platform would be difficult without the possibility of booking appointments, so we have created a dedicated calendar that allows users to conveniently book the dates of lessons. Regarding payments, we gave up the integration with a simple payment gateway proposed by the client and focused on integration with the Stripe payment system, thanks to which we reduced transaction costs. Platform users can create a customer account where they will find the full history of the lessons they have purchased along with the billing of payments they made.


  • We created a web-based e-learning platform for users who want to share knowledge and those who want to learn.
  • We designed a tool that is intuitive and allows you to effectively help you to expand your knowledge, thanks to dedicated functionality that facilitates learning.
  • We enabled bookings and payments to be made within the platform to make it even easier for users to learn.