Strabag BMS for ERP Data Aggregation

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Strabag BMS cockpit is a data center for the building materials sector at STRABAG, one of the largest construction companies in Europe.


Strabag BMS (Building Materials Sector) cockpit is a data center for the building materials sector at STRABAG, the largest construction company in Austria and one of the largest construction companies in Europe. It is to be used by the majority of the 566 building material production companies – from quarries to landfills to asphalt and concrete mixing plants. The first modules of the BMS-C are online since June 2019.


The challenge for companies of this size is always to have real-time information regarding production, storage, and transport of their products. Also, there is always a need for transparency, for example of the approval processes. All of this must be enabled plus the ability for users to be able to access the system using their mobile phone and/or tablet.


Experts from AGENCY04 together with the team from STRABAG developed a data-centered approach to solve the aforementioned issues. The heart of the data center is a practical web cockpit. In it, all relevant information is processed and visualized. Access is possible around the clock and from anywhere, including via smartphone or tablet. Thanks to the flexible dashboard, every user can decide for themselves what can be seen on the respective start screen. What is special about this project is that Scrum software development is being used on a large scale for the first time in the field of building materials.


Before the development of the BMS Cockpit, one of the biggest challenges for the production company was the use of different software programs, various sources of information and the issues with merging all this information into a whole picture. Now with the new data center, STRABAG can create a common pool, which is automatically fed with data by the programs. These are now available simply by one click.