The New Manila Bay City of Pearl

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The New Manila Bay is the world’s biggest ‘Smart City’ – the second-largest reclamation project in the world.

About the Project

With the sustained growth of the Philippine economy, the local property market continues to attract massive investments, and foreign players are not passing up on the opportunities the country has to offer.

But with the availability of developable land in Metro Manila becoming limited, reclamation is starting to be a feasible option for developers to acquire land in the country’s capital.

The Manila Bay area has had its share of reclamation projects in the past, but the option of reclaiming the land as land banking is still gaining attention from developers.

One promising reclamation project about to rise in the coming years is New Manila Bay City of Pearl.

With a global roster undertaking the project as a “self-sufficient” city, Hong Kong-based architectural firm Ho & Partners Architects, Engineers & Development Consultants Ltd. (HPA), the architect of the New Manila Bay development, said the project will be an international destination. In partnership with Gohan Concepts, a brand will be created that delivers well being and welcomes everyone to the City of Pearl.

With the construction of New Manila Bay to span almost two decades, Ho said the project looks to cater to the future generation of Filipinos.

He further explained that the New Manila Bay – City of Pearl is about creating a hardware and software integration that allows international and local talents to grow and assimilate, from financial, cultural, educational and medical sectors.


Since the visionaries of the UAA Kinming Development group had decided on the name City of Pearl based on the story of the Pearl of the Orient see, we had the first contact with this brand at the development of their logo.

The logo was a challenge since we never asked ourselves what logo a whole city needs and what the purpose of it is. On top of that, the logo would be displayed on highway exits all the way to government registers and has a very large spectrum.

We created a logo that is evolving until now and comes in a wide variety of styles.

Since one case study is simply not enough to describe all challenges that came with this project, please follow this link to see more about the development of the logo.


By creating outputs in forms such as investment decks, public educational videos on billboards, and presentations for the Philippines government, we managed to convince several parties to believe in change and futuristic development to make this happen.

Around 90% of the comments we get on our social pages are positive and people have accepted the project itself together with an identity that we only partly shared with the public so far.

We are very happy to continue the next decade to grow, develop, and rise together with the City of Pearl, and change the lives of millions of people.