Visual Identity and Website Design for Hart

Feely Studio
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Collaborating with Hart, a healthcare data management company, Feely Studio boosted the company’s online presence and introduced new products.

The Challenge

The overall goal was to establish a more mature online presence and reintroduce Hart with the new product offerings. Unlike some other platforms, Hart takes the extracted data, normalizes it, and maps it to any kind of destination with high accuracy in an almost completely automated method, making it fast and simple. We brought this to life through a visual identity based on simple geometric shapes and subtle animations.

The Solution


The previous logo of Hart was in the form of a heart. We decided to refrain from the obvious choice and simplified it in order to communicate a more mature brand. The logo symbol captures the movement and transformation. Also, we fine-tuned its typography for better readability.


Hart’s website aims to capture the attention of decision-makers in health institutions and showcase the advantages of using the platform. To achieve this, the website effectively communicates the main functionalities and benefits of Hart’s products. This was accomplished by implementing a design that highlights crucial informative text and animated visual elements, capturing users’ attention.


Our focus on simplicity was paramount in creating a solution that effectively conveys Hart’s key values of trust, innovation, and agility. We created a presentation template and designed several brand assets for their social media profiles.

The Result

The client was very pleased with Feely Studio’s work.