Xtiva Financial

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Branding and building case study.


Creating a vision

Xtiva is a financial services company that knew what they stood for: “Achieve More”. Now they needed to make that mantra a part of their new brand and product. We began designing a suite that could translate in print, on the web, in trade publications and at global conferences.


Branding and building

The new branding suite included a logo made from chevrons to arrows going forward, or “achieving more”. Micro-interactions were built into everything, including the site. Anywhere a user could click or look, an example of moving forward, being a financial services firm built for the future, would be evident in the design.


The brand in practice

The website, branding suite, and sales product comprised a project that joined graphic design with UX, UI, web development and content together to create what Xtiva has used to close global deals since launching the new brand. The brand and its implementation are turning heads both inside and outside the industry.