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Going International With SEO: How to Make Your WordPress Site Globally Friendly

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How to make your website appear on SERPs globally with international-based SEO.

For growing websites, international expansion is an expected aspiration. The online nature of this global reach means that the legal dangers, uncertainties, and cultural hazards are minimized. The globe is at your fingertips, and the costs are minimal in reaching it successfully. The rationale for reaching out to a new audience, readership, viewership or listenership, maybe one of opportunity, exciting new prospects, high growth potential, or to escape a domestic audience that has become too saturated or competitive.

The Internet is a global phenomenon with some limitations that effectively ties us all together with one rope. Practically there are no boundaries when it comes to sharing online content. So hiring an SEO expert is a must for businesses looking to attract international sales.

When it involves your WordPress website, the one you’ve dedicated time, money and energy building, I expect that you will want it to possess the highest global reach possible. This requires some key elements within your website to make this happen. Let’s discuss some suggested plugins that should set your website on the way to international influence.

Tips To Make Your Website Globally SEO Friendly

Globalize Your Content

Content transcreation is the base of an internationally appealing site. This ensures the recreation of context and intent – context does not specialize in the mere translation of words. It is necessary to keep in mind that when any content is translated into another language the meaning remains the same and conveys the correct message. Cultural hazards are usual when it includes any type of international growth.

More than half of the global market prefers the content of their site to be in their mother language. You cannot obtain people’s interest if people cannot understand the website content. Within the same mood, wrong translations would not cut it. The best option is to find content writing services that can make better quality content in a specific language.

Avoid Using Text on Images

When Google translates the language of your site for an international customer it cannot translate content on images, logos, headings, and other information. Also, no translator or software on your site can translate graphical text. You may lose your potential buyers who don’t understand the foreign language. Avoid it for better results, or keep it to a minimum for a more international audience.

Localize Checkout and Shipping Factors

Your checkout process should be appropriately localized, whether your WordPress site is an online store or sells software as a service that doesn’t need any shipping at all. Options of currency are important for users taking that step to make the purchase. For multiple currencies, there are WordPress plugins available to be displayed and chosen from.

Plugins to Help Make Your Site Globally Friendly


TranslatePress is a full-fledged WordPress translation plugin. The best part of this plugin is that it allows you to directly translate from the front side. It allows you to easily switch languages from the live editor. All translations of your theme, content, and plugin can be made using the same interface.

If your business website has a multilingual audience, then TranslatePress can be very beneficial to translate your content. It is ideal for manual translations. Also, it makes SEO friendly URLs for all languages and increases your local SEO results. Good ranking will make this extra effort to globalize your website value all the while. When you have confirmed yourself as a respectably and authoritative ranking website abroad, you can continue the normal operation of your website.

Multi-Currency for WooCommerce

It is a WooCommerce extension that provides switching currencies and re-calculating rated on the fly. With the help of this plugin, users can easily switch to different currencies and make use of currency exchange rate converter with no restrictions. Multi-currency for WooCommerce can be used to accept either one currency or all currencies. Multi-currency for WooCommerce will increase your website user experience and will do so for free.

Implementing these can surely get you some good traction for your WordPress site on a global scale.

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