Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

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Successful development projects need many components, like thoughtful planning and applying best practices. But needless to say, that one of the most important factors in hiring a talented dedicated development team.

The key reason for software projects to move forward is when the best team members are in place. That’s why we want to share with you some information on how to raise the quality level with the help of a dedicated software development team.

The software development approach to hiring a dedicated team of developers from the service provider is a new standard nowadays. Many companies hire developers from different countries around the world.

When you hire a dedicated development team you hire remote employees to provide you with software development services you can’t afford in-house. When you sign a contract with a service provider company, all of the project’s requirements, deadlines, roadmap, and budget calculations should be stated there. Then remote experts become a part of your team which is assigned to the project. When the project ends, they’re no longer a part of your team. And this model of collaboration proved its efficiency with the next benefits…

1. Why Hire Dedicated Developers?

No matter if your company is a startup or enterprise, the reasons why you need to hire a developer or a team are clear:

  • Solve the problem of lacking major tech skills
  • Manage to fit the limited budget
  • Reduce time to market
  • Unleash internal force for higher tasks
  • Mitigate human resource risks

Let’s figure out what hiring process of a dedicated development team includes:

  • You participate in the recruitment process and make the final decision
  • You decide on the salary
  • Each developer is only for you
  • Micromanage as you want or only make decisions
  • A software development provider takes all the hassle and what is not covered by you
  • You can be flexible in the priorities
  • With the help of web tools, you can establish day-to-day communication and management
  • The team makes fewer coding mistakes and more stick to the defined budget
  • It improves project outcomes
  • You gain access for more experienced and skilled developers to hire
  • You may need less time to complete a project
  • It’s a better choice for long term projects
  • You can have access to the global talents

Paradoxically, but when you work with a remote team of developers, you get more control. If you are rejecting the idea of outsourcing because you are not sure about the quality control, this model can be right for you. Your dedicated team of developers has the time that is necessary to get into your code and design blueprints. Outstaffing scheme is a guarantee that you only pay for the time that dedicated developers with needed tech skills spend on your project. The number of your software development team members and their specialization can vary depending on your needs.

What you will get when hiring dedicated engineers in Syndicode:

  • a dedicated team of top-notch developers
  • financial transparency with reports that help you track each dollar
  • convenient and flexible communication
  • sophisticated recruitment process to meet your requirements
  • 40 working hours per week
  • termination date notice indicated in 30 days
  • 1 working week by ‘Try&Buy’ period
  • time tracking and reporting for part-time contractors
  • all employee’s needs are covered

You set requirements to a dedicated software development team and talk to us to hire. Also, we can consult you with optimal software project team size and its skills needed for your project. We can help you to meet the deadline quietly with an extra dedicated developer or whole remote team, find an expert for a specific task or project and reduce costs or quantity of personnel. Do you need any other reason to hire a dedicated development team?

2. Outstaffing and Outsourcing Models

The statistics and data collected from different resources as well as our experience, show that Ukrainian software developers are highly in demand internationally, they have excellent development skills, they learn new programming languages very fast, they are incredibly motivated. High-quality software development outstaffing and outsourcing exist in Ukraine! And both are provided in Syndicode since 2014.

The term outsourcing came from the phrase ‘outside resourcing’ and means an agreement between companies when one hires another company for a planned activity that usually is done internally, sometimes transferring its employees.

There are several types of IT outsourcing, depending on the place of outsourced work:

  1. Moving business/services overseas results in lower costs because of the more favorable economic situation.
  2. Nearshoring: sharing the business with the close-boarder country.
  3. Homeshoring/onshoring: employees can work from home.

Outstaffing is a type of business model when a hired person is responsible for all the job duties of a company being officially employed by another company (outsourcing agency). The latter one is an employer that decides on the wages, bonuses, equipment, while a client company sets tasks and assignments.

There are several types of it outstaffing you need to remember while choosing:

  1. Leasing staff. In this case, contractual relations arise between the contracting authority and the implementing organization for a period of more than three months.
  2. Temporary staffing. The need for temporary staffing arises when there is a temporary project of 1 week to 3 months periods. It may also be necessary to temporarily replace a full-time employee.

If your company needs to hire a remote specialist, you have two options to choose from. And they both will help you to achieve your company’s goals. Depending on your needs, you may be looking for just one person or a team. To find only one person for your project or a small team there’s no need to browse yellow pages or google ‘TOP software development companies’ lists. Because you can always ask Syndicode about team extension!

3. How to Hire a Dedicated Team of Developers

If you’re in search of such a partner, we can assure you that Syndicode is the best choice for software development that meets all the requirements and is ready to face the challenges of any project. The whole process of hiring a team generally looks like this:

  1. Initially we sign an NDA to protect the intellectual properties of both our sides.
  2. After appointing an intro-call to clarify your requirements for the team size, its technical background, and seniority, we assign several technical interviews between your staff and our available in-house developers. Then we have a discovery session.
  3. If everything goes well we sign a contract.
  4. If for some reason, none of the proposed employees suit your team, we can launch a recruiting process to hire a developer for you. Usually, such a process takes up to 1-2 months.

Hiring a dedicated team is the best solution when you deal with large-scale, complex and long-term projects. We have some useful tips for choosing the right outsourcing partner for software development.

4. What You Should Know About the Staffing Process

Sometimes we don’t have the needed specialist yet, and we search for this person, hire and make sure that he or she will show the best qualities while working on the project. Syndicode is always picky about the recruitment process we follow. We do understand the difference between developer and engineer and focus only on people who have the right mindset and relevant skills. Before providing you the CVs for investigation the contractor passes several rounds of our internal process of technical and soft-skills interviews.

The process of hiring a team of developers starts with clarifying our software development goals. You set the budget, and we search for the specialist following the next steps:

  1. Determining software development objectives
    This helps to understand the goals for the dedicated developers and the qualities they should have. We create a spec with all needed technologies, requirements and milestones.
  2. Allocating the budget
    When operating with a budget we keep in mind what teams you can afford to hire, the number of developers you can afford and the place to find programmers.
  3. Determining the skills of the dedicated team you need
    Our lead developers help with making a list of required skills.
  4. Asking for development availability and portfolio samples
    It’s always better to be aware of the capabilities of different dedicated developers and request portfolio samples.
  5. Comparing reviews from clients
    We are always checking the online reviews from the previous clients to get an opinion on programmers’ strong and weak sides.
  6. Interview
    Before hiring we provide a detailed interview with the applicant via a variety of media, such as phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, virtual meetings and in our office if the applicant can come. If you wish to listen to this interview or participate and ask some questions we are always open to that format.
  7. Picking the team that suits the requirements and technologies
    Here in Syndicode, we will build a software development team with the top-rated dedicated engineers spending the cost that will not tighten your belt.

How Does Syndicode Interview Developers?

If the applicant can’t come to our office there are always may other options we can use:

  • Phone calls. There we are discussing expectations, goals, ideas, expertise, CV, skill level, and other questions. Asking about concerns and difficulties from developer’s experience. The phone call shouldn’t exceed more than 20 minutes.
  • Video calls. The video interview is a more detailed option and can have a duration of more than an hour.

What We Are Asking About When Recruiting

  • Hard skills testing. Here we check the technical skills of the developer. This interview is usually provided by a team lead or a lead developer who is an expert in the field.
  • Soft skills testing. Developer’s soft skills can be tested by a non-developer from your or our side. Soft skills include teamwork, communication skills, time management, prioritization, etc.

When you chose a team of the developers that you want to work on your project, you should first understand how you will contact them if they located abroad. Choosing a contact option, Syndicode is always flexible about communication tools and channels. You pick the channel, and we establish the collaboration there.

5. Why Is Ukraine the Best Place to Hire Dedicated Teams?

Over the past years, the Ukrainian IT industry has grown rapidly. Among other Eastern Europe Software Development Companies, Ukraine is considered as the best provider for IT service exports.

Ukrainian remote developers proved an outstanding level of software development skills. Many companies around the world choose to access Ukrainian dedicated teams in order to get a better quality of software development than they could get locally.

Besides, InfoWorld marked Ukraine’s programmers as the best in the world in the security category of HackerRank’s tests. It means Ukrainians are good at keeping your apps as safe as possible. They also got to the list of top 5 in mathematics and distributed systems. More than 100 representatives in the Fortune 500 list (including Samsung, HP, and Google) of the most successful companies in the world are loyal customers of Ukrainian IT business.

Among the key points why Ukraine is the best place to hire dedicated teams are the facts that:

  • 1000+ events for IT specialists, startups and investors are organized in Ukraine every year
  • Ukraine is on the 1st place in Europe in terms of the volume of IT service exports
  • Ukraine is on the 11th place in the Top-50 world’s developers
  • Over the past two years, the number of specialists in the top 50 largest IT companies has grown by more than a third – from 43 thousand to 58 thousand.

To sum up, there are four main reasons why Ukrainian software developers are so popular today:

  1. Price. Hiring software developers in Ukraine will cost you much cheaper than hiring a specialist from the UK, the US or Australia.
  2. Skills. It is proven that Ukrainian developers are very skilled and motivated.
  3. Location. Ukraine is located in eastern Europe that makes business meetings and communication with any European client as easy as a one-hour flight.
  4. English. It is also known that Ukrainian developers tend to have good skills in languages.

Do you need any other reason to hire a dedicated development team in Ukraine?

From our experience, we can tell that our software developers always create projects specifically for the clients and make digital products that fill their needs. We love building simple and unique solutions for the best customer experience. Our web and mobile developers know how to build products and services, and we are proud to fulfill many well-known projects in Ukraine and other countries.

6. Your Dedicated Software Engineering Team at Syndicode

In conclusion, we would like to share with you how Syndicode works on the quality level of services and why we can master the projects of different complexity.

We are experts in different technologies and industries:

  • We have a team of experts in building sophisticated online marketplaces of different types and integrating logistics information systems and services.
  • We are proud to have a deal with customers that operate in the fields of eCommerce, express delivery, container shipping, freight trucking.
  • We also have extensive experience with the classical hardware and modern cloud-based hosting types.
  • In each particular case, our architect designs a specific technological stack to support load and security requirements.

You set requirements to a dedicated software development team and talk to us to hire. Also, we can consult you with optimal software project team size and its skills needed for your project. We can help you:
– to meet the deadline with an extra dedicated developer or whole remote team;
– to find an expert for a specific task or project;
– to delegate tasks;
– to reduce costs or quantity of personnel.

If some people can name the cons of hiring dedicated developers (like time-zone difference or other ‘obstacles’), Syndicode is considering these cons as challenges and successfully fight them!

Don’t go anywhere else. You know where to find a team of professionals for your startup or enterprise!