How to Identify and Fix the SEO Mistakes of Your Ecommerce Website?

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Many ecommerce digital marketers don’t understand the importance of ecommerce Search Engine optimization, even though it is an important way to increase sales.

SEO is essential for any industry with an online presence. It can be difficult to understand how search engine optimization works, and many companies make mistakes. It is okay to make mistakes. However, it is important to learn from them to avoid making them again in the future. Ecommerce SEO is not easy. Brands make mistakes while doing this, so it is important to identify them quickly.  You can take help from this page from Ecommerce SEO companies to find solutions to your problems.

Many ecommerce digital marketers don’t understand the importance of ecommerce Search Engine optimization, even though it is an important way to increase sales. Many people seek out professionals such as us for help.

The solutions are usually easier to implement if you know how to fix them. These solutions are mostly solved.

These are the most common mistakes made and how you can fix them.

1. Duplicate Meta Description

Google can understand your content if you have large descriptions. To help your website rank higher, better descriptions are required. It is important, however, because potential customers can still find these descriptions useful when they are casually browsing the internet. These descriptions could be duplicated, especially if they have a generic meta description. Make sure your meta descriptions are unique to ensure that customers visit your website and not the competition’s. To encourage customers to click through, add information that speaks to your content.

You can edit the meta descriptions manually to fix duplicate problems. You can also programmatically change them. This page can also be used to help you find ecommerce SEO companies. To get the best results, use targeted keywords in the meta description. Keep it short and to the point. The search engine will cut off any description longer than 160 characters.

2. Duplicate Page Titles

Unique page titles are essential for websites because they allow Google to distinguish them from other sites. These page titles are displayed at the top of your browser and explain what pages they are about. To show the same results to potential customers searching for the same products on the Internet, search engines must know which products you sell. Search engines may not be able to distinguish between pages with similar titles if they are difficult to recommend. This is why none of these pages were found in the search results.

Screaming Frog and other tools can be used to remove titles from your website. This is the easiest and fastest way to remove duplicate titles.

3. Mobile-Friendly Sites Are Not Available

Is your website mobile-friendly? You can check if your site is mobile-friendly by using your phone. You can browse the site, add items to your cart, and then analyze it to determine if any of the important pages are functioning properly. The same process can be repeated on a tablet, and most importantly on your desktop. The majority of people use their mobile phones to do most of their work. Similar to the above, most online searches are made using a mobile device. Therefore, websites must be mobile-friendly. You should immediately investigate a site that takes longer than a few seconds for it to load.

This can be fixed by redesigning your website and restructuring it to make it mobile-friendly. Next, optimize it to meet the standards. To get a better understanding about the site’s speed, you can use Google’s mobile friendly test and Google’s speed and performance tool.

4. Missing Product Category Page

You’ll need a non-WWW version to redirect to the WWW version of the address. Try to get rid of non-WWW. So, never let us assume and take an example that you want to go to when you type in this version of your browser, It could also be the contrary. Search engines like Google and others available in the digital space can’t identify the difference between your website’s two domain versions. As a result, there is much duplication in the content. Multiple pages with similar content impact your performance since Google search engines will only suggest a fresh piece of content.

Without proper product category pages, even the best content and images on your site won’t be of any value. This can impact the customer experience and, ultimately, your ranking. Customers search for specific products or information based on particular keywords. You must make sure that your category images get traffic to product pages. This is best done by updating them regularly. It will also improve your rankings.

This can be fixed by adding descriptive descriptions that help customers distinguish between products. Avoid adding keywords or long paragraphs randomly, as this could lead to content duplication. These category pages can be added using the available templates. You can make the page as informative as you like by including an introductory sentence, explaining your products, and your brand. A sentence could be added to introduce your brand to customers. These sentences can be helpful in improving your rankings.

These are proven methods to fix your mistakes and gain a better understanding about ecommerce search engine optimization. E-Commerce SEO can be complicated. However, being aware of your mistakes will help you improve.

5. To Redirect, Use a Non-WWW URL

To redirect to the WWW, you could be wrong. Google and other search engines can’t distinguish between the domain versions of your website. This results in a lot of duplicate content. Google search engines won’t suggest pages that have similar content, which can impact your performance.

This can be done by some web hosting companies. These specialists can be reached and will take care of the rest. Talk to them about your requirements and they will find the best solution for you. You can also redirect non-WWW URLs directly to the WWW version. This is a difficult task, so it is best to consult the experts. These are the mistakes that businesses make when they become accustomed to local SEO firms. A competent web development company and a digital marketing agency are the best options to ensure your business appears on the first page of search engine results pages.


These are only five of the most common SEO errors made by ecommerce websites. There are many more, including a lackluster content and improper use of call-to-action buttons.

If your ecommerce platform isn’t producing better outcomes for your business, you should address these SEO issues immediately and then seek additional strategies to boost your overall sales and market your online business. So, keep these frequent points in mind and rectify them for improved e-commerce search engines results. You should immediately address any SEO issues that are preventing your ecommerce platform from producing better results. Then, look for additional strategies to increase sales, and you can also perform competitor analysis to market your product in a better way. Improved strategies and common errors can be corrected to improve e-commerce search engines.

It is difficult to optimize your e-commerce search engine optimization as it takes time to get proper results, but you can start at any point of time to get a long term benefit for your business. However, it is possible to improve sales and visitor satisfaction by being aware of your mistakes.