How to Increase Website Traffic? 11 Ingenious Strategies to Implement Today

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Want to increase website traffic in 2019/2020? in this article, we share 11 ways to get more website traffic.

So, you’ve tried almost every known method to boost website traffic but still struggling to get the desired results! No need to fret as driving traffic to the website takes time whereas following the right steps can effectively speed up the process. Let’s have a look at how you can do it!

1. Create Shareable Content

Well-researched, truly meaningful and relevant content that taps the reader’s emotions and is actually shareable is considered trustworthy. With great content, the value it provides in return is the key. If you’re confident that your copy is of the highest quality, make it more powerful and rich by embedding multimedia like video clippings and images. Visual elements have the potential to further make the content more shareable, rich, powerful and meaningful. It can easily be repurposed for website content and official social media channels.

2. Go for Infographics

Want to catapult an already powerful piece of content to new heights? Surely you can do it by creating an infographic that’s both entertaining and educational. No doubt, eye-catching infographics will boost website traffic, they’re also an inspiration for publish-worthy content for other websites and companies as well.

3. Video Content

A general survey concluded that digital marketers and agencies using video experienced around 50% faster revenue growth as compared to those that don’t. Whereas 92% users also accepted that visual content is far more influential when it comes to finalizing purchasing decisions.

4. Social Share Buttons

Apart from search engine optimization, a website can experience a significant traffic boost with the right social media strategies. Start by adding social buttons to the website that wouldn’t cost anything but can surely amplify the actual rankings. If you’re unwilling to do so, know that your website posts are simply ignoring a huge opportunity to increase organic traffic.

5. Free Products/Tools

Quality content aside, there are many other ways to appeal to the audience like free offers and services. These vary from an industry to another whereas you can surely do it better by conducting a detailed competitor’s analysis and devise your own strategies; only better. Hosting contests and giveaways is a great way to draw more visitors to a website, generate leads and maximize brand exposure.

6. Free Online Courses

To establish your website as an authority in the industry, creating and offering free online courses is just an amazing way. You can even include lead generation forms that everyone is willing to sign-up. It depends on the skill set, knowledge, nature of your business; come up with a relevant topic or course that’s more appropriate to the target demographic and psychographic. Creating a high-quality, in-depth and purposeful online course requires a great deal of planning, production cost, and digital marketing strategy.

7. Quizzes & “Share Results” Feature

Many digital agencies and web development companies, in particular, have begun to realize the importance of engaging content and activities to their website that keeps the audience wanting to return for more. But then, how come quizzes are effective for digital marketing? When a user finishes the quiz, the results are shareable that’s both interesting and funny which you’ll surely want to further share on social media thereby attracting more website visitors.

8. Brand Partnerships

Yet another way to tap new audiences and lead them to your website is through brand collaboration that’s built upon mutual promotion and shared projects. While partnering with other brands on a mutual project leads to audience crossover, it’s obvious not all brands have to fall in the same niche.

9. Facebook Page & Community Development

Social media always takes the lead when it comes to driving traffic (both organic and inorganic/paid) while creating a positive buzz around your brand. And Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms to widen the number of shares and gain stronger backlinks. All you need to do here is create a Facebook page, share the blog content, optimize it for the website clicks by adding CTAs. Also use native Facebook videos, compelling images and multimedia content for more engagement.

10. YouTube Channel

With videos, YouTube has become a highly engaging and essential digital marketing tool to bring greater website traffic. Though not used as the only means to drive income, YouTube does have the potential to boost website traffic while giving your product or brand a more clear and succinct exposure to the audience. Some of the most effective video content types for YouTube can be (but not limited to):

  • Customer testimonials
  • How-to and user-guide/tutorial videos
  • On-demand product demonstration and event videos
  • Live broadcast

As we speak, YouTube videos can be repurposed very easily. These can be condensed to be used as native videos for Facebook and Instagram, can be embedded in a blog post on the website as well.

11. Instagram

In a survey, HubSpot concluded that almost every 7-out-of-10 Instagram hashtags are branded. Just in case you haven’t done this so far, now is the time to engage with some of the worldwide acclaimed brands and authentic content. Stats also revealed that brands, like Digital Gravity, enjoy 10-times greater engagement rates on Instagram as compared to Facebook. However, be careful when posting on Instagram as the images need to be of the highest quality and relevant to the brand aesthetic. Give it more boost by including a catchy call-to-action to the post.


Careful implementation of the strategies can surely give your website traffic a significant boost so, ignoring the above information would be unwise.