How to Prepare Content for Creating Website or Online Store

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When we talk about preparing content for website design or redesign, clients often face the toughest question of how and in what way they can prepare content.

Prepare Content for a Website or Webshop

When we talk about preparing content for web site design or redesign, clients often face the toughest question of how and in what way they can prepare content for the web, which all materials need to be prepared so that we can make them a web site or webshop. To begin with, it should be emphasized that preparing content should not be baffling! At the same time, you should not be bothered to launch your web project because your web site should be as soon as possible, whether you are a new/old entrepreneur or any other business entity, you want to present not only your business but also your products/services on the market, with the aim of presenting and selling. Unpreparedness and lack of materials are the main constraints of web designing, so get prepared on time and find out what and how to prepare for your high-quality online presentation. In this text, we will try to consolidate the preparation of material for a web site and a webshop. Briefly speaking, today’s webshops also have texts About Us, Products, Services, Contact, etc. so maybe the basic width of their materials compared to a web site is the existence of a shop department with a group or subgroup of products or services.

What Do We Do When Redesigning the Existing Web, and What When We Do a New Web from Scratch?

There is a certain difference between whether a client already has an existing web site (if we are redesigning a website or a magazine), or there is no (if it is new in the digital marketing world). The main difference between these two cases is that if a client has an existing web, we can use the structure of the site in the sense of deploying the elements of the web site itself, the draft of the menu, and possibly the content. Even though a redesigned web site is often the case, the contents should be refreshed, replaced with obsolete information and updated.

How Do I Go About Preparing a Website or Web Shop Material?

When preparing content or. material for web site clients we like to suggest to prepare for the start: (eg Home, About Us, Services, Products, Gallery, Contact, …) – all the content for each of the menu items: texts, photos, videos, documents and other content that will be on the website and in every language that will be on the web for the web shop we need to additionally prepare the draft group and product subgroup and at least a few products completely (photo, name, code, price, description etc.) and at the same time prepare the legal documents (sales, delivery, complaint, submission objections, etc.)

Prepare Photos for a Website or Webshop

It is often a question of what kind of photos you need to be able to use them for the quality of your website or magazine.

As for photo sources, we can highlight the following:

  • Your own photos (best professional photos)
  • Commercial (stock) photographs
  • Free stock photos
  • Photos from other sources (filtered Google searches, photos uploaded by suppliers or third parties (eg photos, agencies, manufacturers, …)

We mostly suggest creating professional, own photos of your business and activities. Your own photos will raise the web presentation to an even higher level and the original approach will surely be perceived by the visitor of your website.

You will also need your own photos for the photo gallery on the website.

In case you are a new business owner or you are not able to create your own photos, we advise you to obtain commercial, so-called. stock photos. There is more than one service for selling professional, commercial photos, and we will only point out some:

  • Envato elements
  • Dreamstime
  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock

If you do not want your funds spent on buying commercial photos, you may be interested in websites where you can find and download free photos (we strongly encourage you to check their license terms):

  • pixabay
  • Pexels
  • Unsplash
  • Kaboompics

On the web (for example, on a Google search engine) you can find a virtually huge number of different photos with different usage rights, you can try filtering by copyright to choose photos that are free to use. Otherwise, it’s very easy to hurt someone’s copyright in the photo and to be prosecuted by copyright holders.

If you are dealing with any distribution of products or services from your suppliers, you can ask them to provide you with copyright to the photos you use for your website or Web site.

You can also send inquiries to freelance photographers or other parties to free some photos for your web site, in exchange for suggesting sources.

What If You Can Not or Do Not Want Photos on the Website?

If you do not have the opportunity to present on the original photo gallery of a product, service or company, we suggest that you temporarily leave the gallery and set up your own photos, such as your references.

If you do not want to fill your primary visuals on your web, among other things, with your photos, we can replace the graphic concept with graphics (graphic elements), fields with colors and textures, or simply focus on the text and its rich form of shaping.

Required Photo Size for a Website or Webshop

Regarding the size of the photos needed to create web sites and stores, we always advise you to send the largest size you have, this is usually the original record from the camera or the file downloaded from one of the above photo services. The original size will greatly help us make your web as visually appealing as possible, and we can adjust the final size when you are processing your photos.

What’s the Minimum Size for the Web?

We recommend that you try to get photos at a width of at least 1280 px (pixels), and preferably larger (eg 1920 px wide).

If the size of the photo is too small, it will not fit well into a modern web project, remember that people like to look at photos more than read and that “the image is talking more than a thousand words”!

Prepare Texts for Creating a Website or Webshop

In the process of preparing texts for a website or webshop, we find the following basic sources:

  • Own, original texts
  • Copywriting texts ordered for you
  • Submitted texts (for example, by authors, suppliers, manufacturers, etc.)
  • Other sources (eg quotes from publicly available channels)
  • Original texts are the best choice for a website

The most important thing is that you never make direct copying and downloading of any material as you may violate someone’s copyright and compromise their position on Google’s search engine, and you can find out more about it here.

When writing texts it is important to point out that your texts should be as original as possible. Original texts will appeal to visitors to your web, but may even prefer the world’s leading internet search engine – Google.

Google is a long-time web search king with over 90% market share in Croatia, you certainly want to be as well-positioned as your web site on Google, and the originality of the texts is one of the main search engine optimization prerequisites.

How Can You Do It If You Do Not Have the Inspiration When Writing Texts?

If you need expert texts or simply do not know what to write, try to find and read a few similar texts on the internet and then write your own words in your own words.

New entrepreneurs often do not know what to write eg “About Us”. If your company is newly formed, write it down when it is established, what it will deal with and describe the more detailed business activities of the company, you can also mention who will be a member of your work team and what is the mission and vision of the company.

If your text preparation is still a tough job, think about the so-called service. copywriting, ie ordering text services for you by a specialized person or agency.

In What Format Do You Submit Texts for Preparing the Website to the Performer?

Of course you need to send us documents in computer format in text format eg DOCX, PDF, RTF or similar.

We certainly advise you to avoid delivering handwritten material, it not only slows the speed of web material preparation but also increases the cost itself.

Prepare Other Content for a Website or Shop

From other content apart from photography, we can highlight various kinds of documents such as tables, PDF documents,

For us, it’s important that you submit these documents to us in either the final digital format or in the original format so that we can convert it from you to the final form.

And here it is worth noting that any handwritten delivery (apart from the layout of the item layout on a website or shop, menu drawing, etc.) is not recommended because it slows down and increases the web design process.

If you are not sure or have additional questions about preparing materials for your web project, please contact us