Logicify Temperature and Humidity Dashboard

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An air quality monitoring system collecting info from sensors across the Logicify open space


The product is an air quality monitoring system collecting info from sensors across the Logicify open space. The sensors measure temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. If any of these levels are outside pre-set boundaries, a notification is sent to office managers. In addition to actionable charts allowing research and climate system tuning, the visual interface displays additional useful info: weather widget, agenda for the upcoming company events (IT talks, birthdays, company events, etc).

Stage 2 of the product presumes full automation. E.g. if the temperature reaches 26˚C or higher, air conditioning system is turned on. Full visual map of the building is displayed on a standalone display, showing sensor coverage. The display is also used as an additional public channel to deliver company-wide advertisements along with traditional emails.

Working in an open space office is a challenge – oxygen, shared and so much needed resource – depletes fast if ventilation is not sufficient. Minor loss of air quality is not something one can feel, but it already lowers performance and comfort.

Although there are solutions on the market already, they are proprietary and tend to store the information somewhere remotely, with almost no user control of this data. Besides, they require licensing and present a quite limited amount of functionality. After the internal analysis, we decided to build a system exactly matching our own needs without these limitations.

We spit the whole office space into zones, each with its own sensor array, then purchased components for the controller and assembled the system. The software solution consists of separate applications which are united using Docker containers. All info from the sensors is processed by a Raspberry Pi and further accumulated in the cloud. We use a dedicated DB, InfluxDB, for performance monitoring and alerting. A front-end app collects and visualizes the info using Grafana and FullPage OS. People can see the info on a stand-alone display at the office.

Today Logicify employees are using the solution on an everyday basis. Office managers can now quickly adjust temperature settings when it is really needed. The second iteration of the solution will remove any need for manual control of air at the office.