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Meet Eyal Yoseph, a Founder and CEO of Blank Page Digital Media Consultancy. We were excited to schedule a talk with this young business influencer and ask Eyal how he has built a multinational company in such a short-term.

Blank Page is a one-stop digital solution provider, based in Israel with offices in NY, UK, and Asia. We were excited to schedule a talk with this young business influencer and ask Eyal how he has built a multinational company in such a short-term. What is more, he manages to provide digital guidance to the top businesses worldwide. We were also interested in asking few topical questions on his background, career and how he finds motivation for personal and professional growth.

How did you start your way in this field and why did you choose digital market?

I was always enthusiastic about technology and creation. While still in college, I have started working at Wipro, which is now one of the biggest enterprises in the world, that provides Information Technology solutions. Wipro’s innovative vision gave me a great inspiration, and I was eager to succeed within the company. It helped me to stand out among other interns and I shortly made my way to Senior Executive position. Few years after, in late 2000’s, I moved with my family to Israel. That was the time to start over, so after graduating with Masters in System Engineering and Business Intelligence, I was driven by the idea to make technology and digital presence more accessible and effective. I founded the Blank Page Digital Media Consulting company intending to help businesses not only enter the digital market but to gain best visibility and engagement.

At that point, there were very few agencies that could provide actual guidance and one stop solutions. If you wished to have a digital presence for your brand, you had to hire separate firms to do your website, design, and marketing, or pay a fortune for the service of well-known digital agencies. Moreover, after the drastic uptrend in the hi-tech industry, the prices of digital services went up, and a lot of ‘free’ self-build website and marketing platforms were created. This led to a huge gap between low-priced and professional services, and here is where my digital media consulting company Blank Page would help you out.

So how did you cut this gap? Do you mean that digital services can be affordable to anyone?

Yes, we made the digital field accessible to any small business and proprietor. I took care of the possibility to provide any service the client can require, from e-commerce website to portal, from search optimization to PR. We help business owners and professionals not only invest into their website, social media, and advertising but to get the best results out of it with the help of business intelligence.  The benefit of our clients is what always mattered most to us, and that’s why we grew up to a multinational company that creates the digital presence for brands.

What do you think is the most important in a digital presence?

Most business owners will be surprised, but it’s a strategy. We learn to understand each business’ needs, objectives, audience, strong and weak sides. It gives us a strong understanding of the business goals and what they are looking for in Return on Investment (ROI). Only then the creative part comes in, either it is a website design, app development, or social media marketing.

Where do you find inspiration?

I personally find inspiration in people. The best ideas come to me not when I sit alone, drinking coffee or thinking about future, but when I meet with clients to hear them out, or gather my team for brainstorming and generating ideas.

Thank you, Eyal!

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