Monthly Trending Ruby on Rails Repositories

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October’s trending Ruby on Rails repositories.

In this monthly trending Ruby on Rails repositories from October, we collected a bunch of cool and perspective open-source Ruby/Rails projects which will definitely improve your (and our) work. Here you’ll find utility view helpers, Rails authentication tool, stylish Graph API, a gem that converts numbers to strings and more!

The list starts with the most recent updates.

Monthly Trending Ruby on Rails Github Repositories

  1. Paul Revere is a gem enables the inclusion of “one-off” announcements in Rails applications.
  2. Flutie provides some utility view helpers for use with Rails applications. There are helpers for setting a page title and for generating body classes.
  3. Clearance is a Rails authentication with email & password. It is intended to be small, simple, and well-tested. It has opinionated defaults but is intended to be easy to override.
  4. Graphiti stands for stylish Graph APIs.
  5. ActiveRecord-JDBC-Adapter (AR-JDBC) is the main database adapter for Rails’ ActiveRecord component that can be used with JRuby.
  6. TappingDevice is a gem built on top of Ruby’s TracePoint class that allows you to tap method calls of specified objects. The purpose for this gem is to make debugging Rails applications easier.
  7. Humanize is a Ruby gem that converts numbers to strings.
  8. Active Merchant is a simple payment abstraction library extracted from Shopify. The aim of the project is to feel natural to Ruby users and to abstract as many parts as possible away from the user to offer a consistent interface across all supported gateways.
  9. Xcodeproj lets you create and modify Xcode projects from Ruby. Script boring management tasks or build Xcode-friendly libraries.
  10. dry-effects is a gem that provides algebraic effects in Ruby.
  11. CommandLine provides an easier way to run command-line applications. It captures all outputs, can handle applications that require stdin and can pass environment variables.
  12. Lowkiq is an ordered background jobs processing, alternative to Sidekiq.
  13. will_paginate is a pagination library that integrates with Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, Hanami, Merb, DataMapper and Sequel.
  14. bundle-diff is a bundler plugin for showing diffs of bundled gems against latest versions.
  15. WEBrick is an HTTP server toolkit that can be configured as an HTTPS server, a proxy server, and a virtual-host server.
  16. Modulation – Explicit Dependency Management for Ruby. It provides an alternative way of organizing your Ruby code. Modulation lets you explicitly import and export declarations in order to better control dependencies in your codebase.
  17. Piperator is a library with pipelines for streaming large collections. The pipeline enables composition of streaming pipelines with lazy enumerables. The library is heavily inspired by Elixir pipe operator and Node.js Stream.
  18. Wicked PDF is a PDF generation plugin for Ruby on Rails. You simply write an HTML view as you would normally, then let Wicked PDF take care of the hard stuff.
  19. PunyLinux is a build automation (powered by Ruby & Rake) for a very minimal Linux system.
  20. Parallel helps you to run any code in parallel Processes(> use all CPUs) or Threads(> speedup blocking operations). Best suited for map-reduce or e.g. parallel downloads/uploads.
  21. Peek is a profiling tool for Rails applications. Peek puts a little bar on top of your application to show you all sorts of helpful information about your application.
  22. InvoicePrinter is a server, command-line program and pure Ruby library to generate PDF invoices in no time.
  23. Testrocket is a simple testing library for Ruby 2.0 and higher.
  24. with_advisory_lock adds advisory locking (mutexes) to ActiveRecord 4.2, 5.x and 6.0, with ruby 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6, when used with MySQL or PostgreSQL. SQLite resorts to file locking.
  25. connection_pool is a generic connection pooling for Ruby.

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