TDA Features: Badging System for Platform Contribution

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We found agencies have very few ways to actually display confirmation of their past work on any agency listing sites. With our badge system, however, they will be able to display their past achievements for all potential clients to see.

By doing essentially anything on our site, agencies are progressing towards a badge related to that particular activity. For example, agencies can earn case study related badges by publishing case studies. Whenever they earn a badge, we give them the opportunity to display it publicly on your profile and agency listing for 50 TDA Coins. Each badge they display this way may be displayed as long as they wish.

The main goal of this is to further improve agency differentiation. While agency scores go a long way towards achieving this goal, badges add an additional layers agencies may want to take advantage of – an agency with both a good score and a significant number of displayed badges will stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Badges can also be used to improve an agency’s online reputation, seeing as they are earned exclusively through merit. This means that any potential clients will know an agency’s past achievements aren’t merely boasts or bought advertisements – by seeing a badge on their profile, clients can be absolutely certain the agency’s claims are true.

The third thing we hoped to accomplish with this system is to give agencies the opportunity to further improve the appearance of their profiles. If an agency displays a number of badges on their profile, it seems more vibrant to potential clients – and the appearance of an agency profile may well be the deciding factor when a potential client is making the decision between several agencies.

As the final feature on our list, this one concludes the our agency feature showcase series. We hope agencies will consider using all the new features we implemented, and we are looking forward to finding more ways of improving the value they get by using our platform.