Top 10 AI Apps That Rule the Mobile App Development World

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Smartphone devices have been one of the smartest devices ever innovated. What more can be done apart from utility and gaming apps?

It is proving to be a platform with infinite possibilities. Not only every development company is trying its hands over coming up with something that not only would engage users but will also become something so useful that it becomes a part of life.

AI has been a part of our lives for a while now, and the market survey suggests that it still got to see the brightest light. The future is not only promising in utility basis but also filled with millions of currencies in every form.

The world is going gaga over exploring AI technologies to advance into the world of robots. And carrying one in your pocket is like carrying a power that is unique and cool. From academia to governments, to investors, to vendors and buyers, all are educating and learning about the capabilities of AI.

Here is the list of 10 AI apps that you should have in your phone to keep a bot handy and assisted for you.

1. Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence

Download: Android/iPhone

One of the best and yes it tops the chart list. Brought to you by RobotBot Studios and installing it will give you a personal artificial intelligence assistant. It is available on both the platforms, IOS and Android. It’s actually fun to have one, it answers to your query on any topic that you ask for. The best part is, yes, it is free, and this smart app also identifies the subject required.

The users have been given this blessing of creating presentations using voice, images, and text. It also takes the help of Google to fetch you with your queries. The added features like you can come up with a sheet of data that carries related details, search service or materials and links that you require to get answers from and this app will speak for you.

Like upload, your entire textbook and DataBot will come up with all kind of answers to your questions. Seems like a fun mobile app to prepare for your exams? This app is available on cross-platform and lets you use the same assistant on your smartphone, tablet, and laptop. Personalize your assistant with tons of modules and build your own Jarvis.

2. Replika by Luka, Inc

Download: Android/iPhone

Well, have you been feeling alone? How about an evening tea with a robot that tends to understand you? Replika is a great app what becomes your companion for mental wellness. It will assist you when you are feeling down or anxious, or you just need someone around to talk to.

You can just speak freely or even can chat in safe. It is a best practice to allow you to explore yourself and learn more about yourself. All you have to do is create your replica and grow along.

3. Seeing AI

Download: iPhone

This app has been gathering a lot of applause from the mobile app development world because science has been unfair to a particular category of men and women. Now a play station is something that can be played only by physically abled, but Seeing AI is an app specially designed for the blind and low vision community.

It also identifies colors, reads handwriting and can do much more amazing stuff. Finally, Tony Stark in the real world has done something incredible for the better halves of this word.

4. VocalEyes AI

Download: iPhone

You will be glad to know that MIT has also come up with an app that stands alone in the stacks of AI apps with features like identifying objects, text reading or describing environment with label logos and brands.

Although Pranav Mistry has already done a tremendous job in identifying objects from his mysterious reckless machine, this comes handier, and unlike his machine, it does not understand your hand gestures but can detect faces, can recognize ages or classify emoticons and can tell you what kind of currency you are holding.

5. Extreme – Personal Voice Assistant

Download: Android

Now if you want your smart to talk to you, and click a selfie for you, then this app got to be the best choice. To give you a highlight, it comes in various languages. No more English Domination, and thus you get to have an app that understands your mother tongue so if you are a Hindi speaking national or Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Breton, Catalan, Spanish, German or French, Extreme understands all.

Just call extreme and ask, “Extreme, could you please take a selfie” and it will be done like a boss. Yes sir, it also makes sure that you are entertained so it’s like that robot from the movie Passenger who would stand at the bars and keep cleaning the glasses.

6. Jarvis Artificial Intelligent

Download: Android

Were you looking for Jarvis in real? There is good news for you in the Google Play Store. Jarvis can be yours, and yes, this app will make your phone go hands-free as Tony Stark did. It is one of the best companions in a digital format you can ever get.

It recognizes your voice, and you get to train your personal trainer the way you want to. Finally, you got someone to read your messages, check your alarm or set one, turn on Bluetooth and connect to Wi-Fi, anything that the master demands.

7. Avion – Artificial Intelligence Image Identifier

Status: (Unreleased)

Okay, this one is yet to release but soon to hit your phones. To use Avion, we will need to choose the subject like if you want it to click a snap. Then go for an option and it will split between emotions and objects.

After the option is selected, it will take a picture of the subject and soon the app will take a while to process it and shortly it would come up with a short description to go with. A lot of eyes are around this app, and stick to its release date and be the first one to jack it.

8. Real AI by Oblivionburn

Download: Android

Known to be one of the safest AI apps in the world. It is free, and identifies the subject required and get all things done faster. It is an experiment for the Natural Language Processing field of Artificial Intelligence.

It is not a gimmick with usual pre-programmed responses, or an attempt to be your personal secretary or a way to indulge you into ads to profit from you. It is not a glorified search engine. This is Real AI. Like a person, it learns through the process organically and begins with no prior knowledge. Try this app and let us know what you feel about it.

9. Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

Download: Android

Ever wished to meet Jarvis’s cousin? Meet Smart Personal Assistant, it lives in the Google Play Store and recognize your voice and does all that his elder bro does. It’s fun and fabulous.

The users have been given the blessing of creating presentations using voice, images, and text. It also takes the help of google to fetch you with your queries. The added features like you can come up with a sheet of data that carries related details, search service or materials and links that you require to get answers from and this app will speak for you.

10. AI with Python

Download: Android

Call it the basic version of an AI, but it works wonderfully. It not only fetches your information that you desire to know, but it also understands what you expect it to, like languages, texts, images and a lot more. Just dive in and learn about it like professor X.

This is for sure that AI is still a baby and we are yet to find how its puberty would hit us. The technology that Sci-Fi films would come up with us is finally a reality. The experts have believed that AI and subsets like DP, NLP, and ML will soon become a mainstay in the app and business world. Enjoy these apps, and be a part of an AI community. Its time to grow with bots.