Top 7 Key Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

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Businesses are turning to this very popular social media platform to get the most out of their investment in digital marketing.

When Instagram was the new kid on the block, no one thought it would emerge as a powerful marketing tool for businesses to enhance their online presence and grow effectively. Furthermore, social media has grown exponentially to encompass visual media demand from the users and thus Instagram seemed the best platform for that. For businesses, this is a good opportunity for them since they’ll be interacting and communicating with their customers visually.

Indeed there are many social media platforms with their unique features, however, none has the great potential that Instagram has to offer. Instagram, in a business sense, can be said to be solely devoted to digital marketing efforts that are an integral part of business growth and accessibility.

The question still lingers, why Instagram for your business? Well, here are the top seven key benefits of using Instagram for your business.

1. Reach a Target Audience

Being popular among the young generation makes this platform a force to reckon with, you can reach out to millennials (born from the 1980s to early 1990s) by using Instagram to market your brand digitally. Moreover, it’ll give you a competitive edge since the more people interact with your brand on social media the more loyal they become.

Additionally, most businesses are yet to use Instagram as a marketing platform in comparison to other social media platforms. Therefore, try sharing facts about your business and brand and take note of the following you’ll receive.

2. Visual Marketing

A proficient marketer understands the impact of visual components in a message to a consumer. Unfortunately, evolution has dictated us to have short attention spans and thus visual media, whether images, gifs or videos have the potential to capture the attention of a consumer and subsequently increase the chances of drawing them in.

Without visual components, consumers can easily be distracted and may not get the message behind the marketing campaign thereby hurting your business.

3. Exploit User Generated Content

It can be an arduous task to come up with engaging content every day for your consumers and stay relevant with the emerging trends since social media is a fast-paced world. However, with Instagram, you let your followers do the generation for you, pun intended! User-generated content can help you keep up to date with the trends.

Satisfied customers are always happy to talk about what they loved about a brand and will share it with the online community. By simply sharing the posts, you are showing your appreciation and creating a personal relationship with your followers.

4. Track Your Sales & Leads

As mentioned earlier, Instagram itself also has unique features that spring it away from the rest of social media platforms. One great feature is the ability to track sales and potential leads. Instagram uses an ad management platform that has the capability to track consumer use.

5. Advertising Is Free

Cost of advertising can be a stumbling block in a business’ growth, however, there is free advertising when you use Instagram. You can showcase your brand in action generating huge exposure. Instagram enables you to show and even provide more than what you originally offered.

6. Build Trust & Business Character

Branded content is increasingly becoming popular as a tool to generate consumer engagement. Instagram further helps build trust, since it creates an emotional connection with your target audience. Additionally, it is a social site, therefore you can share your business experiences both formally and casually. Through this people will feel connected deeply with your business making it more attractive and trustworthy.

7. Influencers Are Amazing Business Partners

If you are looking for a business partner, then social media is a good way to start, most notably via Instagram. Instagram has a regular stream of viewers every day, however, only a good percentage of them have the potential to become influencers. These can be online celebrities who can assist in promoting your brand, taking it mainstream.

Influencers can be depended upon to boost your company sales through increased returns as they have banked on you. They can spread your company’s gospel and ‘influence’ their followers to try out your products or services merely by ‘double tapping’.


Instagram is definitely here to stay, and in three years since its debut, it has soared across the skies in magnitudes unfathomed. At first, it was like any other social media platform but businesses have adapted and are using it to their benefit. As a business exploiting this feature will not only give you a competitive edge in the market but also enable you to cast your net more widely in your marketing campaign as you capture your intended target.

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