Why and When to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

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We know that the idea of ​​hiring an agency is usually associated with some costs. But hiring employees can be even more expensive.

The goal of a Digital Marketing agency is to help businesses have more visibility and better results. To ensure that companies have a complete digital strategy, the agencies rely on professionals from various areas of Marketing. These are experts in lead generation, PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, SEO, social media and content creation, etc.

Most companies do not have employees who work with these Digital Marketing practices, either because the team does not have all the necessary skills, or because of a lack of time and resources. It is in these situations that companies can (and should) resort to the help of a Digital Marketing agency.

We know that the idea of ​​hiring an agency is usually associated with some costs. But hiring employees can be even more expensive. On the other hand, investing in a team without resources to generate results is a waste of time.

Below we expose some Digital Marketing practices that, depending on your company’s situation, may justify hiring an agency.

A Digital Marketing Agency can generate more leads

Check contacts: If you have a lot of leads coming in, it’s certainly difficult to identify the quality of all of them. An agency can do this job for you! In this way, it guarantees that the sales teams only work with properly qualified contacts;

Qualifying leads: In addition to the lack of time, questions often arise about how to qualify leads. Digital Marketing agencies are prepared to make this qualification: they know what “hot” leads are (or not), that is, leads ready to be contacted.

PPC campaigns (Pay Per Click)

Sometimes we see the idea that, once a Google Ads campaign has been prepared, all you have to do is wait and watch the numbers go up. It is not how it works. A well-executed PPC campaign requires constant monitoring or you risk wasting money in a short amount of time.

Don’t have the knowledge or availability to do what a campaign like this requires? Probably, resorting to a Digital Marketing agency is the best way to ensure that your investment reverts to results.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The idea that working SEO is “only” working on keywords has also become widespread. But SEO goes beyond creating content based on the keywords you’ve defined for your business. It takes professionals who master SEO on web pages, implement SEO code and build good backlinks.

Whether you use a Digital Marketing agency or maintain the SEO strategy in your company, it is imperative to know that:

You’re not competing for ranking: SEO best practices aren’t aggressive. SEO seeks to highlight your company through fair practices. Above all, users are interested in getting to know the companies that can best serve their needs;

It is important to have skills in all SEO domains: For example, in terms of mobile, increasingly important in Search Engine Optimization.

Working social media with a Digital Marketing Agency

Social media require constant and continuous work. Even doing content planning (which optimizes time and work), the analysis of metrics should be done daily. Furthermore, most companies are present in more than one social media channel. If we take into account that each one has its own content rules, we understand the effort it requires. Few companies have someone available to do this work on a daily basis.

If that’s your case, resorting to a Digital Marketing agency can be the solution. In conjunction with it, learn about the potential and good practices of each social network and define:

  • What do you want in terms of message, content and methods to be used in the relationship with followers;
  • What you don’t want to do on social media;
  • How to deal with problems that arise when using these platforms.

The agency will do prior work of (re)recognition of the company’s culture so that the communication fits perfectly.

Content production

Content production is one of the easiest tasks to leave in the hands of a Digital Marketing agency, especially if you plan to create a considerable volume of content. Ask for quotes and compare: it is often cheaper to go to an agency than to hire someone to do this job.

This solution does not exclude the possibility of having someone in the company to accompany the creative process.

Digital Marketing agencies can represent an asset in a company’s digital strategy. In addition to the practical examples we’ve mentioned, they help to define an efficient strategy, driven by and for results. For those who do not have enough resources or knowledge, it is the option that allows them to invest in Marketing, guaranteeing a return.

Are you considering hiring a Digital Marketing agency for your company? We suggest you start with a free evaluation of your strategy. That way, you can make a more informed decision.