Why Migrating To Liferay DXP Is the Best Choice for Your Business Portal

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Managing a business has been easier with Business Management Portal, so more and more businesses and Enterprises are developing a portal for their business.

Managing a business has been easier for business people with the help of Business Portals. Whether it is to track the production or to see the sales report, everything is possible with business portal development. Almost all the medium scale and large scale businesses use Portals to manage their business data and everything for their businesses. So, business management has been easier with portals.

But, there must be a software or a platform that can manage every single thing for the business. For example, view pending bills, managing human resources, check the sales, etc. Well, the answer is Liferay Digital Experience Platform aka Liferay DXP.

Not a lot of businesses are aware of Liferay Portal development services, and that’s why they are missing the key benefits of Liferay Portals like its low Total Cost of Ownership, High Return on Investment, its strong security, and long term workability.

So, those businesses who are not already using the Liferay portal can consider Liferay DXP Migration, because migrating to Liferay DXP is beneficial for your business as it will provide more features to manage your business. Here are some reasons why you should migrate to Liferay DXP.

Why Migrate to Liferay DXP?

#1 Liferay keeps the costs down

As Liferay is an open-source platform, you don’t have to pay anything for its license. However, to use the professional tier of Liferay Digital Experience Platform, you have to pay a small subscription fee. And according to Liferay’s blog, almost every business renews its subscription, as it comes with the Lowest Total Cost of ownership.

So, Liferay DXP will keep your development budget down, as you have to pay for Liferay Development only. And the rest amount you can spend improving your business in other ways.

#2 Out-of-the-box Features

Liferay offers a lot of out-of-the-box features, so a lot of features and functions can be availed without coding. For example, if you want to implement a specific function in a Liferay portlet, then it might be already available on the Liferay OOTB list, and you can directly use that OOTB function without coding it, and you just have to change the classes and variables names, and that function will be implemented in your Liferay Business Portal.

So, this Liferay OOTB functions takes down the development time and makes the development work faster by offering ready-made OOTB functions.

#3 Liferay is Enterprise Ready

Liferay is completely ready to support mission-critical enterprise applications. So, if you are a large enterprise, and want to use a portal for your enterprise, Liferay is the best option one can migrate to. Liferay can offer all the features and functions an Enterprise management needs. Liferay is configured for multiple redundancies and for 24 x 7 uptime. So, you don’t have to worry about its server being down.

So, Liferay will come to save your Enterprise by offering awesome Enterprise-ready functions and features that will help you manage your business with a better grip.

#4 High Performance

Liferay supports a lot of transactions at the same time. It has been tested to handle around 3000 transactions on a single 8-core server, so, you don’t have to worry about the performance of your Liferay DXP portal. Liferay has recorded mean login times under one second, which is enough to give you the idea of its performance. It can also handle millions of page views and over a million users.

Looking at all the facts and stats of Liferay portals, one cannot simply resist developing their business portal with Liferay.

#5 Cloud Deployable

Liferay portals are cloud deployable, so you can deploy your Liferay portal to the cloud and make it available on the cloud as well. It also supports the virtual server environment, so Liferay portals are totally cloud-deployable and are ready for cloud deployment. It also ensures high availability and performance with Hardware/Software Load Balancing, Session replication, and HTTP Failover.

Don’t worry about cloud deployment when your portal is developed with Liferay, as it easily allows you to deploy your application to the cloud.

#6 High Scalability

Your business requirement might get changed on a frequent basis, as your company grows. Having a fixed application on which we cannot make any changes is not good for the company, as the company may get frequent growth and with that growth, the company’s requirement might also grow. So, having a scalable portal is best for any growing company.

So, if your company is rapidly growing and you need to migrate to better portal technology, then Liferay is the best choice for your business portal. Avail Liferay Portal Upgrade and Migration Services today!


Looking at all the exciting benefits offered by Liferay DXP, no business can ignore it to create their business portals. One or another day, your business will grow and you will need a better technology to build or migrate your portal. So, why not migrate to Liferay today and start availing its benefits.

So, these reasons are enough to explain the importance of the Liferay Digital Experience Platform and might make you migrate to Liferay from other portal technologies. If you are looking for someone to migrate your portal to Liferay, then contact us or drop an email on [email protected] and one of our agents will shortly get back to you to discuss the Liferay Migration for your business portal.