How the Content Upgrade Marketing Angle Works

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If you’re like most businesses, you strive to display relevant website content. This helps you gain more email subscribers and get repeat views. The only thing is that you might not know minute-by-minute what’s “relevant” in your readers’ minds. There’s a faster way to get the data you need and increase your website’s sales potential. Use the powerful marketing approach that’s gaining in popularity called content upgrade marketing. It’ll help you sort out what’s important to your reader base.

Increase email subscriber conversions with content upgrade marketing.

The Content Upgrade Marketing Technique

Here’s a quick scenario of how a content upgrade offer works. You display a few paragraphs of a blog post or the entire blog post to peak your readers’ interest. At the end of the displayed content, there’s a box that states, for example, “Read More,” “Get the Checklist,” or “See the Video.” When clicked, a popup box appears or it leads to another page with a form for the reader to complete to read the “upgraded content.” To continue, the reader must input their first and last name and an email address. You now have an interested email subscriber.

Content Upgrades Increase the Quality of Your Subscriber Email List

Content upgrade marketing is attractive because it helps businesses get better quality leads. This is different from offering a free download that’s unrelated to the content in a blog post. Doing that cheapens the lead because you don’t know if the reader signed up just to get the download. This isn’t the case for content upgrades. Website visitors have just read some of the content and they’re prepared to learn more. In a sense, they’re pre-qualified.

The Main Advantages of Content Upgrade Marketing

There are two great benefits of offering content upgrades. First, you immediately receive the reader’s email address. Second, you now have precise knowledge of what type of content that readers enjoy. You’re set to highlight similar posts and offer products and services in future customized emails. The advantages of content upgrade marketing make it a worthwhile option to try.

Give Your Readers a “Content Format” Upgrade Experience

Each person has specific preferences on how he or she wants to receive more content. Ask if the reader wants to receive the upgraded content in an audio or video format instead of text. If the other formats aren’t currently available, ask if they would like to see them in the future. Enhance their experience by listening. Make them feel exceptional and valued as a customer.

Tips on Getting Started Offering Content Upgrades

Begin by selecting a high-traffic blog post from your website to test the content upgrade offer. Take some time to consider the type of upgrade and remain open to offering a variety of things. In addition to the audio and video formats mentioned earlier, you could also give out a checklist in a PDF format or a resource listing related to the post. The reader might find something else useful as well. Be sure to measure the traffic and the effectiveness of your upgraded offers.

Try the content upgrade marketing angle. It’s one of the best ways to increase your email subscriber database, and this could lead to a surge in profits. Give your readers more of what they want, and you’ll also add value to their email subscription. When you do that, you get a lot more in return.

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